Into the Breach - Advanced Edition Content Update Announced

Honestly, if there is thread for this game, my search skills have failed me utterly.

In any case, coming in July, more of everything! And it’s going to be coming to iOS/Android via Netflix as well.

If there really isn’t (somehow) a thread for this amazing game, let this serve as such.

The title of this thread is not going to make the search any easier.

This is a really advanced joke that just flew over my head. So this is a thread about Into the Breach, but it’s called FTL? Why?

Here was the original Into the Breach thread:

I came in here thinking “What? New FTL content? Awesome!” I am very disappointed. I assume the title was a brain fart?

I played FTL obsessively for months. Bounced off of ItB.

If this was meant to be an FTL thread, and the video posted was a mistake, then it makes sense. It took me a while to find the old FTL thread.

Doubt it, the FTL advanced edition was released in 2014.

I’ve yet to play FTL but Into the Breach is possibly my favourite turn-based tactical puzzler/brain-burner. It’s so so good.

LOL oh wow, getting old sucks!!

I updated the title - maybe @tomchick or someone can put the video in the correct thread and delete this one.

I promise I will not bite your head off for posting a double link if you post the video in the original Into the Breach thread. :)


P.S. Oooh, more Into the Breach content! w00t!