Into the Breach - Turn Based Strategy


From what I recall reading, the ai was not designed to be particularly smart. I think it’s relatively random. They felt the gameplay would be boring if enemies were more consistent in the targets they went after. Instead, they throw a fair number at you and you have to decide which threats are most vital


I wish it looked that nice on my computer screen. The pixelation is so fragmented it’s hard to see any fluidity in the graphics.


Are you playing in a Window or Full Screen?

Also, what do you have set for this setting:


Not sure. Will have to check when I get home :)


Got three perfect islands for the achievement with…the Steel Judoka? I dunno man. Once they got more damage on the Prime, a leap-4way push module for the Artillery and Harold on the Science ship, everything really came together.


Yeah, I just won with Steel Judoka too. Now have wins with 6 squads and haven’t unlocked any more, so I’ll probably try a random squad.

I almost lost my Steel Judoka run on the first island (I chose the 4th island, which was a mistake). They are a squad that is heavily dependent upon upgrades - once you get 2 decent abilities for every mech, the game is not difficult on normal. Mine were particularly synergistic - the semi-useless Science mech with the “pull” was enhanced with “teleport”, which made it a destroyer. The heavy mech got the lance-push as its 2nd ability, since I needed some additional damage dealing (and something he could do with limited space); and the artillery mech got an additional push but in a straight line hitting 2 squares, as opposed to pushing the 4 squares near the impact. Those abilities gave a lot of tactical options.

One tip that’s not necessarily intuitive - don’t neglect the additional move upgrades. They’re more useful than extra HPs in my experience, and they’re a good early placeholder if you don’t have enough reactor to get a good weapon upgrade. Anything that enhances your ability to get into position is very usuefl.


Yeah i keep reading Flame Behemoths are sub par but they’ve been my best so far.


what I also love about the game are the meta decissions. They are so tough (which reward to take, how to spend reputation, which mech should get the core etc…)

Now I am at a tough spot: I won 3 perfect islands with the Rift Walkers… the 4th island is actually the 1st ( I reversed the order) … my Grid Power is at max and 33% defense .

Should I try my first 3-island victory or go for the 4-island victory? I have a great loadout for my mechs at the moment:

The burst beam laser and wind torrent for my combat mech
The repair drop for my artillery mech
The shield array for my cannon mech

also Camilla in my combat mech

so what to do? I lost yesterday a 4-island run, but was in a bad grid power position …

edit: playing on normal of course


You’ll want a 2- and 3-island victory at some point to complete that achievement, so if you have a 4 island victory already, I say go for it. Sounds like you are sitting pretty.


yeah, I think my position is too good to waste it on a 3-island victory… will try the 4-island run. I hopw attacking the 1st island at the end should be also a plus … need to wait until this evening


I fu—ed up in my lunch break, went for the 4-island … you broke me, game … why did I do it, why?
ok, next time 3-island victory first …


I made a custom squad, with the Rift Walkers punching mech, the rocket mech (artillery) from the rusting hulks and the guy who throws rocks (Blitzkrieg, artillery) and it was the easiest run yet. In one battle I killed 11 (!) Vek, and I finished the game with a 2 island run.

I’m starting to think i will never finish the game with any of the default squads. And Steel Joduka can suck my toes.


While they are unintuitive at first, I am of those that think the Steel Judokas are actually stronger the harder the difficulty gets: more veks inflicting more damage means more way to get them to hurt each others.


Completely agree. While it’s easier to get the hang of the game with some basic damage dealers, ultimately the higher challenges in the game are dependent upon manipulating the playing board units more than inflicting damage.

Just blew my final battle in a Hard run with a random squad (decided to go for it after 3 islands) by losing my pull/push science mech in the first round by miscalculating the damage. Dropping Vek into environmental hazards is a lot easier than blasting through them on Hard - too many Vek have enough hit points to survive attacks unless you maximize your damage, but if you do that you’re too slow or don’t have a decent secondary option/ability, and you really need as many tactical possibilities as you can get.


Early on I enjoyed terraforming two or three Vek.


So can we get achievements on Easy level? :p

I really want to get that “Ramming Speed” one, but not sure I can do it on Normal.]

Also is Ralph Karlsson or Nadia Lee better to carry over?


I don’t think Karlsson is any good because you’ll reach max XP pretty quickly anyway.


The best pilot in my opinion is the one immune to smoke/webbing. I’ve yet to find one as useful as reliably.


Heck yeah!


I recently did it on my Normal playthrough. It’s actually quite easy, just get the upgrade as early as you can, and then wait for the opportunity. I had to push a Vek one square away from my melee mech using artillery to get enough of a run up and the killing blow. Got it late on the second island.