Into the Breach - Turn Based Strategy


I just lost the game on the third island (Archive), second region where I had no choice but to take it, volatile vek and a badly positioned coal plant. Science mech was being webbed first by a leaper and then by a spider launcher, and that was the only mech I had to deal with the volatile vek without killing it (it only had 4 health). I just couldn’t keep up with the other two and lost my remaining 4 grid and the game.

I’m really struggling with this team. Maybe I need to invest cores into movement for all three first instead of going with the double-range attack for the jet. That’s saved me a number of times, but my losses are usually down to a lack of range. I have to put one into health early for the science mech to use as a spawn blocker, to keep things under control. I could try another team, but it’s like learning a new game each time, I’d rather stick with this one until I master it.


I invest in movement first in almost all cases. Some team-defining exceptions like the jet range and Building Chain for the lightning whip do exist, but move is incredibly, incredibly important.

@krayzkrok There’s a lot of depth to each team. I highly recommend switching squads if you’re beating your head against a wall with the Hulks.


I finally got the secret character.

Too bad he’s not an Engi. I’d rather have one of them to power the reactor.

It’s nice to still be seeing new things after playing through to the end 20 times, even if it’s just a little bit of dialogue.


Got all my regular squad cheevos! Still haven’t won on hard, heh.


Depends on the team, but boosting dmg on one mech is usually priority one for me. Those end bosses are mean on each island and have a ton of HP. Gotta have some ability to whack them in a few turns or they really make you suffer.


Yeah, it all depends on the squad. Freezy dudes in my experience really need the damage output from boosting shootyguy asap.


I finally got the hang of the Rusting Hulks and I’ve done the 2- and 4- island victories, and got the squad achievements. Going to try Blitzkrieg next, and go back and do the RH 3- island at some point. I can feel the steely grip of addiction slowly relax just a bit, but I’m going to be playing this for quite a long time! I mean, I’ve nearly done all three victories for three of the eight (ok, nine) squads, not to mention the random squad, and that’s taken me a month and a half of playing most nights. :)


Thou hast thine money’s worth!


Indeed. Can’t believe I was considering refunding this after the first hour! But some of my absolute favourite games, music, movies and food took me a while to really appreciate, so I should have known.

I can see Blitzkrieg are going to take a bit of getting used to as well!


Do you get any kind of bonuses for killing all Vek and not letting any retreat?


Just some nice messages — or not so nice, if your pilots are scientists.


And of course the XP from killing them.


XP is rarely in short supply, and should be your last priority.


Starting a new squad always makes me feel like I need to go back to mech school! It’s what I love about the game, you’re basically learning it anew with each squad. Now trying Blitzkrieg and holy moly, these guys are tough to get your head around. I can see they will get better with upgrades, but at first it seems to be more a case of avoiding missions like the train and satellite protection, because you often just cannot prevent their loss with the tools you have available.


Yeah, anything with a protect that is interactive (not just a static building on the map) is nearly a hard pass with Blitzkrieg. Things like the train, rockets, recycler are classed as units and therefore get lightning chained. Avoid at all costs!


Into The Breach is one of the best strategy games of 2018 if not the best one so far. Tons of replayablity, I’ve got 55 hrs so far and plenty more achievements and Mech squads I want to try for.


So, today on the Switch I guess?


Live on the eShop now, $14.99

Nintendo finally reveals the Switch console



If only you could transfer your game progress from the PC version…