Into the Breach - Turn Based Strategy


I started this 3 days ago and somehow have 17 hours into it. I beat it once on Hard with a custom squad and uninstalled before it sucked away more time!


I’m about 100 hours in. The interface is obscure in places, the retro graphics do nothing for me, and the randomness of incoming enemy movement can put you in an untenable situation depending on the loadout.

… and I am there for it. The game loop is smooth and it just excels with a simple rule set that gets you thinking creatively. I can do a really smart turn but end it nervously because I left a unit near a corner and maybe ineffective next turn.


I finally started playing this on Switch and absolutely love it. Getting a 2-island completion is so incredibly satisfying, even though I’m still playing on Easy so far.

I’m going to play the game a bunch more and with other Mech teams before bumping it up to Normal, but man this game is just perfect to play while on my commute, and listening to a podcast or whatever.

(I know the soundtrack is amazing, but I’m happy listening to that in other situations instead of just while playing the game!)