Into the Universe with Stephen Hawking

I’m surprised we are three episodes deep into this show and there isn’t a thread yet. The show is just Stephen Hawking explaining his outlook on the universe, our place in it, and his opinion on things such as aliens and time travel. There is a lot of talking down to the lowest common denominator, but I’m willing to overlook it because other than that the way the information is presented is top notch. Thankfully they decided to have someone else narrate the majority of the show, I imagine an hour of astronomy lessons in robot voice would get really grating.

Anyways for those of you who were totally unaware the show existed, it is on the discovery channel:
I don’t really know when the new episodes air because I only started watching it because itunes had the season pass for 5 bucks and it makes for great bedtime watching.
EDIT: haha following that link it appears that there are only three episodes, its still very much worth watching, its just that the 5 dollar season pass might not have been as good a deal as I thought.

I’m really enjoying it. Any time I can listen to Hawking tell me about stuff, I’m in.

I watched an episode last night and while it was enjoyable, it was all stuff I’ve seen before. It didn’t seem to bring anything new to the table, though it did present the concepts it was addressing very well. For instance, the discussion about how a star works made perfect sense to me, finally.