Intranet Video Conference Suggestions?

The head honcho at work recently decided that yelling at his salespeople in remote offices over the phone isn’t good enough. He wants to look at them while he does it, to make sure they’re not holding the phone away from their ears and making silly faces during his tirades. He’s asked me about setting up video conferencing.

There are plenty of high end solutions, from Polycom, for instance, but I think our needs can be satisified with webcams and PC’s.

Of course I could just open up the firewall and give everyone Skype accounts, but I’m thinking about keeping it internal. Our remote sites are linked to us via VPN, so I’m looking for some sort of video chat/conferencing software that can work peer to peer with no need of an external server/service, or that uses a server component that I can host in-house. I think MS Netmeeting does this, but it looks so dated, and the boss is not a PC sophisticate. He wants to quickly punch up the remote office victim and initiate a video session. Big colorful buttons and a friendly interface would be a plus. Anyone have experience or suggestions with video conferencing that might offer some insight?

Intranet MSN? I’ve not tried it for video/audio conferencing and I’m pretty sure I’d forget to login or come off afk if I knew the boss was likely to use it to shout at me but it would appear to offer all the facilites you want for “cheap” videoconferencing.

What kind of bandwith are we looking at?

The home office (55 users) has a pair of bonded T1’s, and the remote site has a single T1 (10 users), but the VPN is through the cloud, not via a leased line. The video conferencing wouldn’t be used often, so I could give it priority when in use.

R-HUB desktop video conferencing servers pefectly meets your need. You may have a look at