Introducing Jerrell Wilkerson (football)

Whoah. The best part was that one time he made that guy miss.

Kinda fast, too.

The -one- time? :)

Kid looks impressive, but let’s see how well he does against Big 12 defenses.

And now the killer:

You’ll never see him play a down of football in college or in the pros.

Seriously? What the hell?

Basically, he came to UT, redshirted, at some point got his girlfriend pregnant, and went back to San Antonio to get a job and feed his kid.


Oh, good that there’s a hook to this story.
Because that wasn’t that impressive. Mostly good blocking+straightline speed. I imagine you could make a highlight reel out of most decent BCS conference RBs like that.

Well, maybe.

He is actually very tiny. 5’8". But stranger things have happened. I mean, UT recruited him. They never played him, but they recruited him.

5’8" isn’t that small for college ball. Look at guys like Darren Sproles, Sinorice Moss (a wide receiver!), Troy Walters (5’7"? Set all kinds of receiving records at Stanford), Dante Hall (5’6"?), etc. All had very successful college careers. Hell, wasn’t Barry Sanders pretty short?

That’s why I said “stranger things have happened” in response to the claim “never”.

His size isn’t the problem. The fact that he dropped out of school is the problem.

Ben, I watch a lot of high school recruit videos. There aren’t a lot that are this impressive. Having good blocking also doesn’t help if the RB doesn’t set up the blocks, find the hole, and run through it at the right time – all things that Wilkerson does amazingly well. And when the blocks aren’t there, he makes things happen with his feet.

One thing he does is he’ll use his shifty running style to move the defender into the blocker; and if the defender hesitates instead of taking on the block, in at least one case he squirts -between- the blocker and the defender.

What you don’t see him do is block.

If he was a walking phenomenon, UT would have put him in for a down or two. They didn’t play him at all, and he didn’t drop out until near the end of the season.

Don’t make it sound like if he never plays, the only reason will be because he’s a dropout and fucked up and had a kid. If there’s one obvious thing about big time college football, it’s that they’ll make…concessions for you if you’re special. He’s small. It’s an issue.

But like I said, stranger things have happened. He’s eligible to go to another school next year, and maybe he will, and maybe they’ll play him, and maybe he’ll be good. He was good enough to get recruited by UT after all.

Rimbo- I don’t want to rekindle that old thread, but the Reggie Bush highlight video is orders of magnitude more impressive. Wilkerson breaks like 2 tackles the entire video.

Link plz, kthxbye.


might need a subscription for that tho

Bush is so fast on that video that the rest of the players look slow.

He jukes one guy completely out of his jockstrap…

I like how in reel 7 at he tries to pull off the same thing he did in the first half of the Rose Bowl. Only this time, it worked.

It’s good video. It’s not an order of magnitude more impressive than Wilkerson’s.

There’s a free Bush HS vid here: