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The two core set thing drives me nuts in Netrunner. Just sell an overpriced “core set companion” set and I’ll gladly buy that over buying another core set. Or design them with buying two sets in mind so I dont have a bunch of useless card duplicates!

EDIT: Actually now that I remember, you actually need to buy three core sets for full playsets of all cards. And those are the GOOD cards!


I enjoy this game, played it a few times last year right after it came out. Between me and a friend we have two base sets and all the expansions. And if I remember right, @Zebracadabra’s son was a designer.

But we hardly ever play it because: A) It’s only 4 players, and we usually have 5-6 at game night. Too many for everyone to play, not enough to split into 2 games. B) Without playing regularly through the campaign, it either feels repetitive (same early scenarios repeatedly) or too complex (setting up for and completing later scenarios as if you’ve been playing all along, though we haven’t).


FFG has cogently explained several times why they don’t make a “supplemental” pack for their LCGs, most of which boils down to losing the economy of scale…which I imagine for a niche hobby product amounts to losing a bunch of what little profit there is in making games to no good purpose.

In any case, you don’t need two core sets unless you’re playing with 3 or 4 players (in which case two cores is a must-have, since you can’t make 3+ legal decks with one core). I find the game is much more focused with 2 players, anyway, but YMMV.


Yup, Matthew was a co-designer. He’s an attorney who is designing games and a kid who excels at everything. The game has won THREE GotY awards. Wow.


Have they ever addressed their utter refusal to provide storage for the game?


Well, the new remake of the original campaign, Night of the Zealot is supposed to have storage for all of the original campaign stuff…but that of course does not begin to address the overall storage problem.

Er, well, I mean it does begin to address it, I was just engaging in rhetorical exaggeration.


I’ve heard that as an explanation and I find it pretty facile (not to insinuate FFG is being malicious). I don’t think anyone expects FFG to have the supplement pack on the shelves of your LGS next to the core set. I’d like something like a GMT P500 where only the people who want it preorder it and get it. I don’t see how the multiple core set solution is the optimal or only solution that FFG can practically deploy.


Yeah, well…this is a long-running argument and FFG appears to be doing fine selling their LCGs this way considering how many of them they’ve released. It’s probably not worth re-litigating at this late date. I guess you’re either on the core set train or you’re not.


Yeah, you’re right about that. I’m just salty that I’m hoarding all of these duplicate playsets because I can’t bring myself to throw them out.


They are nice and don’t want to put Broken Token out of business.


I only have one core set and it seems fine to me, but I only play 1-2 player games. I definitely see how a second core set would be needed for a 3-4 player game. In fact, unlike the LotR LCG I am having a hard time seeing what you need a second core set for for a 1-2 player game, though I haven’t played enough to really dig into deck building in a big way.

I do wish they would release cool storage boxes though. I have the Zealot campaign and storage box on preorder, but I wish they would do more.

I do like the novellas with bonus cards though, I think that is pretty fun.


So here’s something a friend and I were discussing yesterday as we were setting up a time over the weekend to get together and play: the Arkham Horror LCG has basically obsoleted Mansions of Madness.

I hadn’t really considered that, but the more I think about it, the more I think it might be true.


I’d say no? It’s unfortunate that FFG isn’t doing more with the digital side of MoM. (More DLC, more use of sound effects and voices, etc.) But that said, MoM is a different experience. There’s no deck building; set-up takes 5 minutes; the pace is quite different; encounters are quite different, etc.


Yeah, I quite enjoy both. Or at least, I will once my gorgeous mansion-themed storage chest arrives and there’s a sensible way to store the giant pile of minis.


Whenever I hear setup takes five minutes my ears perk right up. But it’s like 80 bones :(


Yeah, and you only get 4-5 scenarios for that expenditure. And you really should re-base the minis, which takes time and money. And they keep releasing new expansions, ignoring that they could just release DLC for the existing content. I stopped buying expansions a few months ago. It’s a well designed gaming system, but it–like everything FFG–is pricey to stay up on.


Which expansions for Arkham Horror LCG would you recommend? Are there must-haves and don’t-buys? On BGG Return to the Night of the Zealot didn’t get much praise for example. What about the other expansions? I’m confused when I see all these packs and deluxe expansions.


There are three campaigns currently, one in progress and two finished. Pick the one that sounds most interesting, get the big box for that and then add the other scenarios in order as you need them or at once if you prefer. There are also three or four standalone scenarios. If you want maximum deck flexibility you want everything but it’s really more about the scenarios for this one.


I have a core set for this along with all the first big box and 2 side sets. It just isn’t clicking with me. I thought I’d offer it out here first before putting it up on Facebook Market.

Anyone want it? I’d sell the whole package for $100 and shipping.


If you’re like me, and you’ve been coveting that kind of awesome “Countless Terrors” playmat that never seems to be in stock anywhere…currently Cool Stuff Inc has a few in stock.

I need to jump back in and likely will with the Halloween season upon us, and this provides a perfect excuse!