Invicta watches

Any experience or knowledge of the quality of these watches?

My Swiss Army is quite worn; the stainless steel band’s little holding bar broke, the body is nicked and worn in many places, and the dial no longer turns (probably from sweat/dirt), as i used it outside in all conditions. OTOH, the stainless band is basically undamaged, and the crystal dial is unblemished. This watch is, oh, 6-8 years old, i can’t remember exactly but it’s been a long time.

Many Invicta watches are advertised at marked down ridiculous amounts off of advertised MSRPs (like 1500$ retail, selling for 300$). Supposedly it’s also a swiss watchmaker, but i’ve never heard of them previously (sort of like Vostok is a real Russian watchmaker; great, 60s style mechanical Soviet watches for everyone!).

So, are these legitimate, swiss watches of reasonable quality? And why the extreme markdowns?