IOC to Russia, re 2018 Winter Olympics: Drop Dead



Oh shit, does this mean Trump is going to be President of the Olympics now too?




There literally is a tweet for everything.


Some Russian officials have threatened to boycott if the I.O.C. delivered such a severe punishment.

You can’t fire me, I quit!


Yeah, how do you boycott an event you have been entirely banned from?


Can’t wait for Trump to blame himself when Norway dominates the medal table in 2018.


Top of my head:

There are probably a bunch of judges/refs/specialists that could boycott the event, and that might adversely affect some sports.

A fair number of Russian tourists might have still come to the event, even without the Russian teams participating; a boycott would probably prevent them from attending.

Russian vendors, sponsors and companies boycotting the event may or may not have some impact.

Russian TV deciding not to broadcast the Olympics would certainly cut into someone’s profits.