Ion Maiden - 3D Realms Build Engine retro shooter

This certainly seems true of “journalism” at large these days. I can’t tell you how grossed out I am by the now-ubiquitous style of headline that contains its own reaction, e.g. “X Happened, and It Was Amazing”. Ugh.

Although, I would also hasten to add that journalism has never, ever been anywhere close to objective as it has always liked to present itself. There is always an agenda and no such thing as a total lack of bias. Even when “just presenting facts,” certainly due to limited space not literally every fact can be presented, and the choice of which facts to present is itself a matter of agenda…

Now the gamer gaters are after 3D Realms in full force crying betrayal.

The game’s gone from having a 97% positive rating to 87% in just a day. Such a massive drop!

Ian Miles Cheong is one of the biggest morons on Twitter, a true feat. Pedophile outrage brigade? What in the fuck.

Yeah, he’s both a terrible person and a dumbass.

I wish I didn’t know who any of these people were. More and more I am coming around to the belief that the internet has actually been a net loss for mankind, and Twitter is top of the list for why.

And I thought the publisher was avoiding Twitter insanity; reading this shows how little I know of the social media and makes me want to delete all my post in this thread, as there seems to have been even more insinuation in that chat log that I would ever want to be aware of.

There are, broadly, (at least) two competing and opposed groups of crazy people on Twitter. They’re not equally bad (I’d rather offend Cheong and his ilk any day) or moronic, but they’re both pretty bad and moronic, and to appease one is to inflame the other. I don’t think they’re equally large, either, though, and although what for the sake of context I will call the Cheongites tend to be overrepresented among gamers, I think in general appeasing their foes is a better business decision.

Which annoys them to no end, I’m sure.

Does anyone have a link/quote/screenshot/video of the bad game content, or whatever, that’s offended people?

It’s probably so terrible you’d get banned for posting it and then the police would come arrest you for sharing it.

These are the two parts that will be removed (the lame perfume bottle sprite pun and the out-of-bounds dev comment).

I don’t even understand what that secret dev message is trying to say, let alone why someone thought it was a good idea to put it there.

Regardless, there’s absolutely no room for juvenile humor or behavior in gaming.

Seems like an in-joke for the devs, possibly some term they use to call each other?

I don’t know. “Fagbag” seems pretty understandable to anyone.

Sure, but like the whole…“sentence”.

I’m fine with them removing these two bits. The game itself is very good and these adjustments don’t negatively impact the experience one iota. The discourse surrounding the game, however, is likely to forever remain a mess because of how poorly this was handled, which as someone who’s followed the game since 2015 is very disappointing to see. :(

Maybe they can change their name again and leave this controversy behind.

Prion Jayden

I tend to think it’s more a case of not blaming the tools, but those who use them. Incidentally, Twitter can be great! I just follow science twitter and dog accounts, it’s a mixture of learning and cute dog photos every day. Win! If any shitburgers intrude upon this fantasy land I’ve created, I just block them.

I agree.
However, couldn’t everyone be satisfied by simply including both the edited and the unedited versions of the game when you buy it? Then the buyer could simply choose which version to install.