Ion Storm, Atari shutdowns

Turning out to be an interesting week.

Damn, I guess no Thief editor then.

Any idea what the three closed studios (Ion Storm and the two Atati studios) were working on? Or was the Beverly, MA office just a marketing office?

Atari / Santa Monica had producers and PR people. Beverly was sort of a corporate HQ – I was surprised they didn’t move everyone there, instead of to NY. I wasn’t aware of any internal developers working at either site.

The Beverly offices were the old Hasbro Interactive offices, that had been the original Hasbro offices.

Now it’ll be a nice place to walk your dog I guess.

Is that the last of Ion Storm? Or do they have offices somewhere else? Meaning, is Ion Storm as a development studio/company officially dead?


I believe that it now lives on only in our hearts.

December 15, 1996 - February 9, 2005, RIP Romero’s baby ;_;

I’m amazed they lasted as long as they did, actually.

John Romero is a poo head. :cry:

Romero has had nothing to do with Ion Storm for a while. After he and Hall left for Midway, it became Warren Spectors funhouse with Deus Ex. Funny if Spector goes to Midway.

Yeah but his free-wheeled and unjustified spending of the startup money is, IMO, the single largest thing that caused Eidos to 1: not be able to help Looking Glass (one love… RIP!), 2: suck up Ion Storm into essentially a first party developer, and 3: now kill the studio. Because all things said and done, the poorest games and business decisions from Ion Storm came from Romero’s section despite the insane amount of talent there.

So I blame him. I almost blame him for Thief 3 not coming out, but it managed to squeak through.

Ahh Looking Glass. Hopefully their Legacy lives on with Irrational Games and their BioShock. They are one of the last kickass dev houses not controlled by some asshat publisher.