iOS Games Thread

A few people have tossed around the idea of unifying the iPhone/iPod Touch Games thread and the IPad Games thread. I’m all for it, since I’ve been missing out on some great info by focusing on only one of them.

So we’ll see how long this new thread lasts.

More and more games are universal these days, but if there is a distinction, consider throwing it into the post title field (e.g. “iPad only”).

The links above will give you all of the past discussions. Now…on to the future!

Oh, look, you high-falutin’ iPad types are willing to come down from your ivory towers and join the unwashed iPhone masses!


Hey so anyone played the ‘Hunters’ games? It seems like they have to have been mentioned in some of the other threads but I just stumbled across them recently, dont remember how, and I love it. Only got the first one so far but basically its turn based tactics, something the ipad especially I think is extremely well suited for. Wish there were more like this.

You’ve got us all wrong. Since you might actually read this thread, this is just a more efficient way to taunt you.

Thanks for creating the ONE thread. :)

Maybe the new Tom vs Bruce should only result in 9 articles, so they can use the remainder to get Tom an iPad. You know, to save an old man’s eyesight.


Hacienda ($5.99) came out this week. Never played the board game version – worth the price?

Oh thank the maker… I was so tired of sifting through both to see if there was some game or app I would want to look at.

At last, we can stand as one thread, united.

I played the first for a couple of hours. The core tactical engine felt like a solid start, but it was totally lacking in connective tissue. The same few missions/maps/enemies repeated with bigger numbers but little real change, and no sense of progression or long-term goals. The second one may improve on it, but I haven’t tried it yet.

Also, don’t recall anyone mentioning it in the other threads, but Cardinal Quest got ported to iOS. I’d been looking for a good roguelike for the system, and so far I’m liking it better than the others I’ve tried.

Wait - I just got an iPad 3 (won it no less!) and I’m populating with apps and games. And I just saw that there is a version of Football Manager 2012 for the iPad? Really? Someone please tell me it doesn’t suck!

I’d recommend it. I’ve found recent versions of FM on pc way too daunting to try (too many stats/ too much to do), but really enjoyed the ipad version. Simplifies things just a little, but still has a lot of depth.

How simplified, exactly?

My friend and I play a lot of Carcassone and we would like to add another board game to the mix. I play on an pad and he plays on an iPhone. I’ve looked at Ticket to Ride, Caylus, Puerto Rico, and a few others. We need asynchronous multiplayer. Any thoughts about these games or recommendations about others that might work?

Beware that Ticket To Ride on the iPad does not play with Ticket to Ride Pocket on the iPhone, so you basically need to use TTR Pocket on the iPad too (in 2x-mode). And, yeah, I learned that the hard way myself.

What?!!? That is awful!

Really, I thought the point was to make it easier to play together.

If you’ve played anything from around the time of CM 01/02, it’s fairly similar to that in complexity, maybe slightly simpler. Fewer stats, more basic tactical controls, a bit easier overall, IMO. But with a much less painful interface than the old CMs.

I quite enjoy it as a change of pace from my über detailed world spanning adventures in FM12.

I love the Football Manager series, and have since the CM days. It is an amazing role playing game. And I love that they continue each year to try to improve the role playing aspects.

However, I have become a little weary of things like press conferences where a perfectly reasonable answer can result in a player becoming totally unhappy for weeks. Sure, in the real world that might happen but in the real world I could get some feedback from the player, other coaches, other players, etc. on WHY he was so upset and then talk to him and make him feel better. The same with pep talks before the match and and halftime: when you need to consult player made guides on “If the player is this, then say this” to keep from screwing up your team by picking the wrong of a few possible things to say before the match or at half, it takes away more than it adds. You don’t just say what you feel like you’d say, you have to figure the game out and what you’re supposed to say.

So in some ways I’d welcome a return to some simplicity again.

Wait… I don’t think this is true. I know I’ve started up a TTR game on my ipad, set it to America map with no extras and my daughter has joined in via the Iphone. The catch is that TTR pocket has no expansions to it, it is just the america map. (Note, they may have since added 1910 and Mega, but I don’t think so.)

The two big wastes of my time right now are New Star Soccer 5, a bit like an RPG with the main game play being a form of Subbuteo, and Pocket Planes, the new game from the Tiny Tower developers where you start an airline and take over the world in garish pink behemoths piloted by stormtroopers.