iOS Games Thread


Oh, whoops FFXV. My bad.


Alto’s Adventure was one of the all-time great timewasters, because of its simple premise, polished and tactile controls, and its stunning atmospheric visuals. Snowboard around, doing backflips, with a series of compelling challenges all along the way.

Alto’s Odyssey is all those things, just moreso. And this time you’re boarding on sand. And vines. And ancient temples. And ships wrecked in the desert. And there’s sunrises and eclipses and sandstorms. Birds and lemurs!

I wasn’t 100% sold on some of the new mechanics, like wall-riding, but I think it was just that they took a little more mastery than I realized at first. (If you’re feeling the same way about wall-riding, don’t lose track of the fact that letting go before you come to the edge of the wall does a wall-jump that boosts you up a bit!)


I bought it day one, but even with the wall riding, it just feels like the same old game I played in the first game and Ski Safari. Oh well, happy to give them my $5 for making a quality, premium game on iOS.


Just got an email about preordering some kind of mobile Westworld game. Not much info, wonder what it’s all about?


Eurogamer has a blurb about it, basically Fallout Shelter formula in Westworld style.


The Baldur’s Gate 1.5 game by Beamdog is now also available on ios. Impressive that they got the original cast back, including David Warner as Irenicus.


I was just introduced to Data Wing. It is a very simple topdown racer which feels very good in an Outrun 2 way when you start “nailing” those drifts. The presentation is quite cool. Surprisingly, it is absolutely free, without an ad in view.


Thanks for the recommendation. Just tried Data Wing and it’s really well done.


I played that, mostly because I want to develop a top down 2d racer of my own and was looking for such games to steal ideas from. It’s good, sweet presentation and progression and most importantly good controls.

As for my game I’ll maybe put together a javascript minimalistic version some day. An oval track, timer and little dude ship car you can zip around for a few laps. Features are hard!


Does that work well on a tablet? That’s a lot of clicking I remember. And wow, I so LOVE the voicework in that game!


I didn’t enjoy the game much at the time. Having some pretty serious pain issues, I was going through my purchased games list and decided to give it another try. It totally clicked this time around. I am glad it isn’t a multiplayer game, as I’d have had bad thoughts toward my opponents — those streaks where you just can’t get an aeon out, even when they make almost half your deck!
I just can’t seem to be able to put it down.


Heard about Deep Town from The Besties podcast this month, and while, yeah, it’s basically a free-to-play idle game, it’s a pretty good one. Digging, crafting, some story.


PlatinumGames. Okami without the dog.

But it’s F2P mobile with IAP and Facebook friend nagging, so there’s a good chance it will suck.

Whatever pays the bills I guess.


Eurogamer also referred to this as a “spiritual successor to Okami”, and frankly I think you’re both talking crazy.

This looks like a game that just shares a rendering style of some kind of Japanese painting that probably has a cool name with Okami.

“Okami but without the dog and it’s a F2P mobile” game is in no meaningful way Okami.


I just hope I can count on you to sign up for it when you get the notice. I need more energy to fight through the next dungeon.


This is a fun time waster. Each pocket is a multiplier that rotates and you score by multiplying the ball number by the pocket multiplier. Sink a ball each turn or you lose a life. You have 3 lives.

Be warned it plays very annoying ads right in the middle of a game. Still, I was having fun enough with it that I bought it, which removes them ($4).

Side note, the copy link from the App Store wouldn’t work here. Always used too for me. iOS break it?


Someone mentioned Hexologic in another thread and I can’t find it now, but it’s out for iOS. It’s 99¢, and it’s a nice little logic/sudoku style game. There about 60 puzzles (there are a handful of “bonus” puzzles I still need to finish), so it’s not a very long game, but for a dollar it’s a fine distraction for a day or two.


Really cute little thing! Thank you for the recommandation.


Wholly, does it play in landscape?


Nope, not on the iPhone. Not sure on iPad.