iOS Games Thread


Maybe it’s all just a very weird publicity stunt OR, as it was such an odd release out of nowhere, this might have been a beta version being localized to Portuguese that went live prematurely?


You mentioned on TA that this game shares a lot of dna with 868 and imbroglio. I actually bounced off both pretty hard, so his style may simply not be for me, though I will probably end up trying anyway


Yeah, the types of games they were should have been right up my alley, but after a few attempts at each, I didn’t find myself enjoying them. Still can’t put my finger on exactly why. I didn’t think “style” made much difference to me.


I think they (well, 868-HACK and Imbroglio as far as I am concerned) are very unique games, that can easily put off the player.
At first contact, they seem incredibly simplistic, then you notice you are actually at the very, very bottom of a Chick parabola, and that can be quite discouraging. Then, as you climb it, it seems to go higher, and higher…
When you have assembled enough familiarity, the games are then about chasing scores, which isn’t everybody’s favorite taste (although I cannot begin to understand that!!).
I think they are also the absolute reverse of what phone games usually are, too. It feels like they are on that platform only because the touch interface yields itself well to the simplicity of the initial contact.
Anyway, I think the games aren’t meant to be enjoyable at first, only to intrigue, then hint at their hidden layers. If they fail at that, then there is no way the player can reach the (supposed, although that holds true in my case) FUN parts.


Have any of you caught this 1 yet?

Infinite West

A cute Old West themed Hoplite like game.


Finished up the latest Room game (Old Sins). I felt it was a return to form after the misstep of Part 3. It felt a lot more like the second game, which while too easy (something this one was as well), was my favorite overall.

I just love the sound effects they give the little devices in these games. So satisfying. Anyhow - if you’re into this series, definitely pick this one up. No multiple paths or optional puzzles that I could see, which is a plus in my book. Part 3 just got too complicated.


Oh, nice. Haven’t got round to playing it yet but I’m really looking forward to it.


Will have to pick it up because I felt the same way about 3.


Agreed, it’s a good return to form. Definitely worth it if you liked the first two.


Is no one playing FFXV Pocket? I’m a couple of hours into the first chapter and really enjoying it so far.


Didn’t even know about it until you mentioned it. Downloaded.

How actiony is the combat?


Kind of hard to describe, but I will try.

You only control one character directly, unlike the original version. You don’t have to manually move from place to place. Tapping a target will take you to it and auto-attack. You can swipe or tap and hold on a target to dash to them. There are lots of QTE-type things: parrying, activating abilities of squad mates, etc. it is active but not (at least so far) frantic. Your character uses different weapons, which you could think of as stances. You tap icons to switch between them freely.

I’d liken it to something like cat quest or crashlands, but more involved/sophisticated. Does that help?

Oh, and if you check in your inventory, there should be a cactuar sword there. It not only looks ridiculous, but is much stronger than anything else you will find early on.


Speaking of MMORPGs, Vendetta Online launched for iPhone in the last few months. It is my gaming spirit animal.


Who was speaking of mmorpgs?


Oh, whoops FFXV. My bad.


Alto’s Adventure was one of the all-time great timewasters, because of its simple premise, polished and tactile controls, and its stunning atmospheric visuals. Snowboard around, doing backflips, with a series of compelling challenges all along the way.

Alto’s Odyssey is all those things, just moreso. And this time you’re boarding on sand. And vines. And ancient temples. And ships wrecked in the desert. And there’s sunrises and eclipses and sandstorms. Birds and lemurs!

I wasn’t 100% sold on some of the new mechanics, like wall-riding, but I think it was just that they took a little more mastery than I realized at first. (If you’re feeling the same way about wall-riding, don’t lose track of the fact that letting go before you come to the edge of the wall does a wall-jump that boosts you up a bit!)


I bought it day one, but even with the wall riding, it just feels like the same old game I played in the first game and Ski Safari. Oh well, happy to give them my $5 for making a quality, premium game on iOS.


Just got an email about preordering some kind of mobile Westworld game. Not much info, wonder what it’s all about?


Eurogamer has a blurb about it, basically Fallout Shelter formula in Westworld style.


The Baldur’s Gate 1.5 game by Beamdog is now also available on ios. Impressive that they got the original cast back, including David Warner as Irenicus.