iOS Games Thread


So I guess “Behavior” is the developer that partnered with Bethesda on Fallout Shelter and WB on Westworld. My gut reaction is you’d have to be crazy to make such a similar style of game without knowing where you stood legally, maybe Bethesda was just caught of guard that Behavior would have the nerve to create a similar game for someone else. But Bethesda aren’t idiots either.

Weird all around.


Well, considering Bethesda sued Mojang over the word “Scrolls”, I can’t say I’m shocked.


I reached what seems to be the end of it today and it was an unsatisfying conclusion.

Basically at day 340, the game flips you the finger, calling “game over” on you, by first wiping out all your monsters in a second. My level 200 Elisabeth was strong enough to withstand the assault of the seraphic horde for a minute or so. Then a summary of the run screen appeared.
Very, very unsatisfying. Can’t say it’s surprising for a Korean game: they have a tradition of taking the worst of Japanese gaming, and making it even sourer.


They’re alleging code reuse, I read.


Up Left Out is a surprisingly satisfying little sliding tile puzzle game. It steadily and cleverly adds new little twists (some literal!) as you progress and I enjoyed it quite a bit.


That was fun. Certainly left me wanting more when it ended.


Why didn’t anyone tell me my favorite game on iOS had a sequel?


Never heard of it!

I redownloaded Ascension after a yearly hiatus, and I was surprised to find the game in a quite… weird status: loading screens everywhere, overall slugishness, sacrificing cultist a chore manipulation I have to redo over half the time, and some new artwork I couldn’t care less for, forcing me to relearn the look of most cards, and suppressing some of my old favorite illustrations. Some glitches too, like cards wrongly highlighting the zone you can put them into. Overall, the game is much less pleasant than the slick experience of my souvenir. Even confusing in some aspects.
What the hell happened? Is it because of Asmodee?


I have to assume so. I love the latest exp and the new in-game chat is nice, but it is running ROUGH with way too many lockups and disconnects in both the Steam and iOS incarnations.


Thanks for the heads up. Hopefully this will still run on my iPod, but if not I guess I might play it occasionally on an iPad.


Yeah, when Asmodee took a few months ago they redid everything. As you mentioned, the app runs more sluggish now and there are a couple bugs. For example I played a turn in a game this morning and I am supposed to choose a construct from each opponent to destroy, however, I see know way to do that. It used to just put the constructs on my screen if the opponent had more than 1 and let me choose.


It was one of my favorites too. The sequel didn’t really stick with me though but I’m not sure why. Maybe I’ll give it another go. It was a bit annoying moving around the map so much I think.


I could never get into Battleheart Legends. Is 2 like that, or a rehash of 1?


Rehash of Battleheart 1. Legends was more of a spin-off. From everything I’ve been reading, BH2 is just like BH1, just some spiffier graphics, but gameplay mechanic wise, they’re almost the same.


Oh wait, yeah I’m thinking of Legends. So this BH2 just came out then - will investigate!


Heck, that is good enough for me. I’ll pick it up tonight. Thanks!


Battleheart 2:
It’s been years since I played the first one, but I have spent a couple of hours with 2 now. My comparison is probably flawed since it’s been so long.

Battles are exactly the same, other than a lot better graphics. Not even little improvements like making it easier to select a unit behind another. Still the battles are fun, and aren’t always easy, though I haven’t lost a battle yet. Haven’t fought a boss either, though.

There is no longer a set map, but what appears to be random battles each time. You can choose between a lower, current, or higher level fight. There is a persisten boss battle on the map for level 6, but I am only level 5 so haven’t tried it yet.

Loot is rare now, which makes fully equipping your characters take much longer. You’re at the mercy to how much cash you can find and what shows up in the store.

Characters no longer gain individual levels, you now have a party level, so you don’t need to swap them out to keep them current. But equipping them and using a new skill purchasing system still means if you want to try out a new character, it will be behind everyone else unless you have money and extra skill points.

There’s 3 active skills per character and a ton of passive skills, which I haven’t used yet. Seems so far to be a step back from the old skill tree. It’s not as fun as leveling up a character like you did in the first one.

Anyway, it’s fun, especially after you get some skills and find characters you like. I would highly recommend it for someone who hasn’t played the first one. It is more of the same for people who were burnt out on the first one.


Agreed. I spent time with this today. I’ll add that even if you burnt out on the first one (which I did) you might find that enough time has passed since then that it feels fresh again.

I do really wish the unit selection UI in the top left which was in one of these games was present in this one, to make it easier to select the right unit when they’re jammed up on top of each other.


It is addicting all over again. Sat down to play a quick battle or 2 and an hour later I put it down.

Started getting a few passive abilities. Very powerful. I notice more of an impact from them then I do from equipment.


Battleheart 2 thoughts:

The addition of co-op is pretty cool. You and a friend can each control two characters and it is interesting to specialize like that. There aren’t many good mobile co-op options so this is welcome.

Other than this, it’s the same game as it was 7 years ago. Slightly better graphics. I wish they would’ve advanced the game play mechanics or added a story to lessen the grind a bit.