iOS Games Thread

Ok sounds good thanks. Hopefully the first mission isn’t considered a spoiler but if so sorry!

There’s also a button on (mostly?) every screen in the lower-right that, when pressed, explains the UI elements on the current screen.

Dungeon Scroll has been made free:

It’s a Boggle RPG. The time limit is pure evil. I wished I had more English vocabulary.

I was thinking Civ VI might be a good iPad game so I checked to see what the status of the DLC was. Rise and Fall is supposedly coming (at least they said it was 4 months ago), but according to Polygon Gathering Storm is not. This is exactly why I don’t buy high end games on iOS. I am guessing they learned that it’s not cost effective to do the DLC, but at the same time they are reinforcing why I don’t buy big name games on for my iPad. If they aren’t going to support them, I am not buying them.

The delays in bringing the expansions to iOS for Civ VI are due much more to technical issues than because they’re not cost effective.

Both of the expansions are being worked on currently.

You are with Aspyr I take it? You guys should let Apple sites like Mac Observer know it’s coming. I went from I being interested to writing it off because of a lack of information.

Civ VI is great on the iPad - I’m not a big fan on the PC but it really works on the iPad for some reason (probably a good amount due to how stunted most games are on the platform).

Are the expansions coming to the Switch version?

I pointed that article out to our marketing people.

I’ve got nothing I can share about Switch.

You can tell them I am dying to pick the rest of the expansions on iPad. The vanilla civ iPad port is awesome - spent more time playing it than the PC version which I own just because it’s so convenient.

Good job on that and don’t give up on the expansions!! :)

Well jeez, it sounds like I should buy it and wait for the DLC. I know Aspyr is good about patching Mac versions, but does the iPad get the other smaller patches?

What’s the best looking and playing single player tower defense right now?

Probably still Plants Vs Zombies…

They kind of died out on iOS. Used to be there were tons of them. Now it seems, I only see the Kingdom series, which has become a bit repetitive.

If anyone is interested the inevitable wave of mobile versions of auto chess has begun. Search Red Tides on App Store. Tried it out yesterday and it’s a pretty accurate conversion of the DOTA auto chess formula. Free to play with IAP for cosmetics only (from what I can tell).

Not sure yet this is a genre that translates well to mobile as matches are real-time and take 20-30 min to complete.

Note: current App’s title and description are in Chinese but the actual app is translated into English .

The only expansion I wish they’d port to iOS Civ 6 is the newest one, and mainly just to have named features in the world.

The problem I have with iOS games is that I have too many. And can’t even find time to play the ones I have.

But stylus Civ 6 seems the best version of that game.

I do wish Aspyr could pair with Paradox and bring some games to iOS like the Endless series. Those are more concise 4X then most and would be great mobile games.

Searching this thread I don’t see mention of shield wall chronicles, demons rise, or demons rise 2. These are all tactical turn based RPG’s And sound like something I would like, has anyone played them?

I flagged it!