iPad Games Thread

There’s already a thread for iPhone/iPod Touch games. But it’s long, and there appears to be a significant difference to many iPad games (and quite a few that simply aren’t available on the smaller devices). So much so that a game that might not be worth getting on the phone/touch might be worth getting on the pad. So here’s a new thread. Whee!

I’ll kick it off. I noticed Small World in the apps store for the iPad (not available for touch/phone). This is a really awesome board game…hopefully the iPad version will live up to it. If it does, it’s a must-buy.

PvZ is my first buy, unless there is a Geodefense update.

I thought PvZ was gonna be $5 tho…

Shit. This increases my iPad want by dangerous levels.

I KNOW, right? I’m already buying one for work (we’re doing tons of iPad coverage on launch day at PCWorld, and Apple doesn’t just exactly have a generous review loaner process). I’m not looking forward to getting up early and working all day Saturday because Apple has to do their launch the day before Easter, but hey, Small World!

When I get an iPad I’ll be getting PvZ as well as the new iPad optimized version of CivRev.

I was wondering whether a lot of board games would find their way to the iPad. It makes a great traveling board game platform.

I need someone to pick up the iPad version of Command & Conquer after launch to let me know if it’s any good.

My early hopes are for:

  • Worms HD
  • Sam & Max: The Penal Zone
  • Plants vs Zombies (which, unlike the iPhone version, supposedly has all of the minigames plus an iPad-exclusive minigame)
  • Warpgate HD
  • Geometry Wars Touch

Wait… there’s a Sam & Max game for iPad? What the WHAT? Added to the list.

Also on my list (actually already purchased, since you can do that):
PvZ (duh)
We Rule (free, playing it on iPhone, should be MUCH easier to click around on the larger screen)
Civ Rev
Minigore HD (just on a whim, because it looks like it could be good)
Small World (already mentioned)

Anyone hear anything about this Dungeon Hunters game?

Surely the kingdom in We Rule will be persistent across platforms, right? It’d better be.

The Dungeon Hunters thing is an embiggened version of the existing iPhone game, which is pretty good if a little bland – it’s a simple-ish 3D action-rpg Diablo clone thing.

I liked the iPhone version but got distracted and didn’t finish it.

According to http://www.telltalegames.com/, it’s “available now”. So a Sam and Max game that shipped first for the iPad before the platform even shipped.

Also it looks pretty good. The graphics on this iPad thing are pretty damn sweet.

If I was employed, Civ Rev on the iPad would be why I would purchase an iPad. Okay, that wouldn’t be the only reason, but it would be a big selling point for me!

Civ Rev is the largest selling point right now. Also tempted for that reason alone

My friend nearly crashed his car with excitement when I told him that Flight Control HD is coming to the iPad.

Aye. Toss in Small World and I think I’m in.

Praying for a squad sim (XCom)…

Question is, do we need to rebuy games that we own on other devices? I have PvZ on iPhone already dammit.

It’s up to the app developer – some of my games have updated to ‘universal’ versions which run full-res on both the phone and iPad, and some (like PvZ) want me to re-buy them.

I’m playing the “Dammit, get here UPS or FexEx or whoever is bringing my toy” game right now. It’s awesome.

if you order from apple for delivery, does it come launch day? i’m deciding whether to do the 3g version pickup or delivery.

Woolen Horde’s did.