iPad Games Thread

IPad Qt3 discussion here. although it might be time for a new thread since it’s now released.

This game is now over.

Holy crap, We Rule is so vastly better on the iPad that I’m just gonna go delete it from my iPhone entirely. It’s downright painful to play on my iPhone now.

Small World is pretty good, but limited. They need more of a “hotseat” type option where you pass the pad to the other player and let them play with the map right-side-up, instead of the “put it down on the table between you” thing they have now. Also, the ability to stop in the middle of the game and resume later.

Does it have AI?

Loving it so far. PvZ is mostly what i’ve been doing in my limited time with it, but books and movies are insanely good.

Doesn’t appear to, no. And no internet play. It definitely needs a patch or two to add a few features.

PvZ is pretty much the definitive version. Smooth, clear, and the touch control is actually faster and easier than a mouse.

K thanks. I am kind of relieved. A fully playable with AI Small World could have sent me storming the Apple store tommorrow :)

I haven’t played CivRev at all. How’s the game in general, and the iPad port in particular?

As far as simple puzzle games go, I’ve been liking Azkend HD. The artwork is pretty spectacular, and the gameplay is pretty fun too.

Must… resist… stop… reading… thread… hold out… generation… 2…

Give in, so I can rationalize my purchase!

This iPad is eminently hand-downable to even non techie folks. If (when) a new one comes out next year, this one goes to a family member or for money.

Yeah, I ended up ordering one in spite of my misgivings, for games. And not just games that run on the iPad, but PDF support as well. Fred Hicks showed a screen shot in his twitter feed of the upcoming Dresden Files RPG in PDF format, and it looked very nice.

Yeah, I’m with you. I’m already on my 2nd iPhone and I’m having a really hard time justifying a device that will merely make it easier to sit around the house surfing the web (I don’t travel enough to justify it). This may change, however, as soon as my GF gets hers (or the ereader is spectacular and handles subscriptions to Analog, Science Fiction and Fantasy, and/or Asimov’s.

Decent but nowhere near as good or versatile as “real” civ. The game is much smaller, much smaller maps for example. No mods. I’d say it’s a good substitute on portable devices, but mo replacement for the real thing.

I can’t speak specifically to the iPad version, but if you check the iPad website you’ll see the graphics are rather primitive. Ironically the screenshots are not viewable from an iPad–they must be using flash to display them, silly Firaxis webmaster.

I will think about CivRev.

So I am not a big racing game guy, but I bought real racing HD. It’s fun, but I’m comparing it to say, Forza 2 and it really comes across as arcadey. No rear view mirror, car physics are primitive, and rubber banding is obvious.

However, driving the car with the accelerometer and holding the screen up to your face really gets you into the game more than using a controller on the couch, even with a big tv, does.

Of course the shots of vodka for Russian easter may be talking.

So is it like Civ2 complexity or what?

So, I haven’t bought any iPad specific games quite yet but Plants vs. Zombies is calling my name. I can’t believe I’m considering buying this game for a third platform (PC, iPhone, and now iPad). One of my reasons is that it looks like it is a full version. I no longer trust the Steam version after it lost my saved game.

I would say less, although that might not be true game-mechanics wise. Been a while since I last played CivRev. The main thing is IIRC there’s only one map size in CivRev and it’s quite small – say on the order of a standard civ is likely to have only five or so cities with maybe twenty cities total for all civs on the map.

CivRev does have Civ4 style unit promotions and generals with armies. I can’t think of anything off-hand that Civ2 has in terms of game mechanics that CivRev doesn’t have. I think CivRev’s tech tree is smaller, and there are definitely a lot fewer types of units. Also, I seem to recall CivRev does away with workers – you just assign improvements and road building from cities. But mostly the game mechanics are full civ game mechanics, just with a shorter tech tree, a much smaller map, and with fewer unit choices.

[Edit] Oh and another thing the graphics are very cartoony.

I’ve had the iPad since yesterday, and I like it quite a bit, but in most cases I think it is inferior to other devices I already own. For mindless surfing, my iphone is easier and just as fast. For watching a movie, I have the big plasma. For creating documents, or even just long emails, my laptop is the best choice. For reading a lengthy book, my kindle is far more comfortable to hold.

But the one thing the iPad does better than any other device I own, or could even imagine, is Plants vs Zombies. The iPad does that Superbly. When my son and I started playing for the first time we both just kept saying, “wow” over and over again.

I have high expectations that other games and apps will come along that are also best on the iPad. But at the moment it’s only PvZ in my opinion.

Two things:

  1. The iPad is a far better web browser than my iPhone.

  2. Dammit. You aren’t helping! PvZ will be mine, at some point.