iPad Games Thread

When I first started up the AppStore on my iPad this morning, it wasn’t there. But after about 1 minute, it suddenly appeared. If its not on yours now, I’m guessing it will be soon.

WS are you in the US? Maybe it’s US only.

There is no need for dev support to store app data in the cloud - the nightly wireless backup will do that for you. But that’s just your regular backup/restore (albeit wireless and seemless).

You do need the dev support to share the app data between the devices/platforms.

The purchase history also requires iOS 4.3 according to His Steveness.

Hot damn! I just discovered Little Wing released Tristan Pinball a few days ago. Alright Little Wing, I’ve paid my 2 bucks, and I will gladly hand you 10 dollars each for Eight Ball Deluxe, Crystal Caliburn, and Loony Labyrinth RIGHT NOW!

Oh god. I lost SO MUCH time to those games.

And now I guess I’m going to lose that time all over again.

Loony Labyrinth and Crystal Caliburn on my iPad would be so awesome.

I’m not sure why they chose Tristan as a first release on the platform. I grew up playing old machines, and I love it, but the simplicity of it may put off a lot of people. I was just looking for a different pinball game to play a few days ago, but this hadn’t come out yet, funny how that works. I really disliked War Pinball, but wanted something to play.

I hope there’s a way to remove stuff from my “Purchased” list. It’s littered with things I tried and discarded.

Why aren’t Space Rangers 2 or Armored Princess on iPad yet? Someone go to Russia and correct this obvious oversight.

Can someone recommend me the best poker and solitaire games for iPad?

You did try Sword and Poker, right?
It’s poker, but not the usual way… Well worth a shot.

This is for an 86 year old ipad user.

The WSOP game for the iPhone is pretty slick (don’t know if there’s an HD version)… the actual poker play is pretty crap though.

The best Solitaire game I’ve found (but I haven’t looked in a long time) is Solitaire City. Many many variants and a well done UI.

I’ve just stumbled upon what looks like a really cool strategy game. It’s called Robotek.

This is a little weird to describe, so bear with me, but it is a turn-based game where you try and destroy an enemy mainframe before he destroys you. Turns consist of engaging a slot-machine mechanism. The results of the spin determine what happens. There are 3 different symbols, and if you get more than one of the same, you get a better result.

For example, suppose you want to summon a robot to protect you. There are three kinds: a low damage tank, mid damage model, and a fragile blaster guy. You might start a battle wanting a tank to protect you. There are 3 dials on the slot machine and the one on the left spins slowly enough that you can usually get what you want. So you deliberately stop the slots on a tankbot, then get a droid and another tankbot. When the robots are summoned, you get the droid and an upgraded tankbot, because there were two tankbot symbols. If you get all three symbols the same, you get the best result, plus an extra spin.

To make matters more interesting, there are three dials you can choose to spin. The second type produces barriers, drains energy from the enemy, and can even steal enemy robots. The third type is all offense, with attacks that can deal high single target damage, lower area damage, or even temporarily disable enemies.

If al this weren’t enough, there are also special powers you can use during a fight, like the ability to fire twice or an emergency heal. Plus you earn upgrades when you level that can improve all the different things in the game (my first one gave a chance for firewalls to nullify incoming attacks)

Did I mention the graphics are really slick and that this is free? It does have in app purchases, but they are of the optional variety.

Have a look at a short video from the developer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RCjyw68e0T4

Robotek is pretty cool. The production quality is superb and you can’t exactly beat the price.

My only complaint is that after 20-or-so battles I do with it was a bit deeper or had a bit more dynamicism. It looks like there are hundreds of nodes to conquer on the map, but I don’t feel like any given battle differs meaningfully from the rest.

Still though, that’s only a hit against its longevity, not its quality.

I couldn’t agree more. I’m at a similar point, having conquered 21 nodes. Robotic is wonderfully unique but it feels like the design was only half-executed (or maybe half finished).

This game is just begging for some sort of strategic meta-layer on the world map. For instance, the map could have been based on hexes and surrounding a hex could give a bonus to attack a more powerful node or something.

More importantly, other than levels, there are no carrots in the game. There is literally nothing new to see. If you head to one of the really high level nodes, you’ll hear the same music, fight the same node design with the same robots.

I love the art style and the level of polish. The game is fun, even though the random chance factor can be infuriating at times. But it feels like they could have done so much more with it.

I think they should have had a boss fight on every continent. Beating that would unlock some new ability to use. As you moved between continents, the style of the nodes you were attacking could change and add new wrinkles or abilities beyond level and health increases. Speaking of abilities, I think maybe the specials take too many turns to charge up. I don’t think I’ve ever used more than one in a single match. Then again, as health gets higher, that would be more likely.

In short, very cool game, but it could have been fantastic.

So apparently onlive is coming to the ipad with controller support. That could be interesting.

And wireless streaming to your tv if you have an iPad 2.

I played a few games of What’s My Word? and it’s a terrific, challenging word game. The easiest but laziest way to describe it is Mastermind with words instead of color codes. There’s one long word you’re trying to guess, and you guess a series of shorter words to try to determine what letters are in the final word, and what position those letters are in. Correct letters in the shorter words give you 250 points, while correct letters in the correct position give you 1000 points.

And that’s the main thing that elevates this game far beyond Mastermind. If you guess a four-letter word and get 1,000 points, it may mean you have four correct letters in the wrong places, or it may mean you have one correct letter in the right place. This sub-scoring adds another maddening layer of deduction to an already outstanding deduction game, and another opportunity to rack up points if you’re really on your game.

It was designed by Joli Quentin Kansil, who calls himself Prince Joli Kansil and has somehow visited 230 countries even though there aren’t that many countries on Earth. Do not hold his eccentricities against him, however, as the man knows how to design games. He helped design Bridgette, a fantastic two-player Bridge variant, and designed Indochine 2000, a crazy good variant of Klondike solitaire (of all things). He also came up with a brilliant mashup of Backgammon and cards called Marrakesh, and an awesome dice game called Krakatoa. His masterpiece, however, is Montage, a partnership crosswords game that is arguably the best word game ever (and soon to be back in print, thank God). I’m only mentioning all this because if you like What’s My Word, you’ll definitely want to check out Kansil’s other designs.

What’s My Word is universal and $.99 cents with 50 included words (which is far, far more gameplay than it sounds like, since you can cycle back through words if you don’t guess them). Additional word packs are available for $.99 each or $10 for all of them. All word game aficionados should definitely check out the base version.