iPad Games Thread

Par Out Golf, which I talked about earlier in the thread, is free today. It’s universal and a perfect fit for the iPad, but sucks on the smaller screen of the iPhone.

Thanks for the suggestion. I like the idea, but their unlock mechanism is kind of baffling to me. You would think that for purposes of unlocking the next course that a good score would carry more weight. So if I shot a birdie on a whole, why not give me credit for having shot par as well?

That was my main complaint when I talked about it earlier. Sometimes you have to intentionally shoot like crap to pick up tokens you missed by shooting well. Kind of dumb, but it plays quickly and works best in multiplayer anyway, so it’s just a bit of annoying gamer tax.

What are people’s favorite chess apps? I’m using Shredder and enjoying it, but, uh, I’ve kinda got the sickness pretty badly. So I’m curious what other ones are worth trying.

TChess Pro.

@Tracy: I couldn’t agree more, and I even wrote that in my review of the game. Very odd design decision.
Great game otherwise.

Spider-Man Total Mayhem HD for the iPad is on sale for $0.99 this weekend for Father’s Day, along with various other GameLoft titles. I picked up Spider-Man when I was out back smoking a cig before work this morning, and it seems like a fun title. Can’t really go wrong for 99 cents though, huh?

Holy crap Avadon on the iPad! Get it,


Its awesome.

Correct link: here.

Heh – I just bought this on the PC because I figured the iPad port would take forever. People wishing for games with more depth on the iPad definitely need to check this out. Here’s hoping it does well and encourages other developers to do iOS ports.

$10 is too rich for my blood.

Why? This is a huge game from an experienced developer that’s worth well more than $10 (assuming it doesn’t have major bugs – I haven’t played it on the iPad yet).

It drives me nuts how few people are willing to judge the value of iOS games on their own merits instead of relative to whatever arbitrary race-to-the-bottom price point they’ve established in their heads. If you can afford an iPad, you can afford $10 for an RPG that handily blows away the depth of any other available for the system. (Not that you HAVE to buy it, of course, but I can’t imagine any RPG fan balking at this price.)

Well why? It’s the full PC game and cheaper than the PC version.

It’s also well worth the 9.99.

iOS is a tertiary gaming platform for me, particularly for involved games like Avadon. 90% of my gaming is done on the PC. I do IPad gaming on the fly where Carc and Ra are great for times when I’m waiting or on the stationary bike. And for 5 bucks I’d buy it just because it’s indie. But I just paid 10 bucks for MtG on Steam and I’ll get a lot more play out of that than I ever would Avadon.

If you wouldn’t play it, why would you buy it for even $5? If you want to support the dev, what’s an extra $5 over the completely arbitrary “fair” price you’ve set? It’s always sad to see iOS shoppers draw lines in the sand over piddly little amounts like this.

None of this explanation makes sense in the context of your original “too rich for my blood” comment, which implies that you do want to play it but can’t afford it or think the price is unfair.

Same. I play hundreds of hours of games a month, but, I just can’t get into games on the iOS. Between Space Miner, World in War, and dozens of other games I’ve probably only logged 20-30 hours of gaming in a year on iOS.

That’s fine, as long as you’re not the same people who bitch about the iPad not having any “deep” games. This is such a game, and a steal for 10 bucks.

Hahahaha, I think I might have logged 20 hours JUST on Space Miner, and certainly more than that on Puzzle Quest 2.

It’s funny. I used to play a fair number of games on my iPhone, but since I’ve gotten the iPad, it has been dominating my gaming time. The platform that has suffered terribly has been DS which I literally haven’t touched in months.

I posted in the Iphone thread, but worth noting here. All the Real Racing games are on sale this weekend. I grabbed RR2 and it’s great, it’s very Forza/GT. It plays great and is super polished.

How does Avadon play on the iPad versus the PC with a mouse? I’d consider it if the control is on par.