iPad Games Thread

Uh well I would say that it controls the exact same. The touch screen interface is really well done and it just works. The only thing I think would be nice was if he had a pinch to zoom in and out other then that it’s great.

I’ve played many Spiderweb games on PC and kind of always stop playing early because I don’t like something about his mouse targeting. So far I’m really liking the iPad version.

I’m just starting Avadon (finished the first dungeon) and I’m liking it so far, unlike Aralon which I couldn’t stand playing more than a few minutes.

As for controls - I have mis-targeted a few times (tried to shoot a target from range, but instead ran my sorceress right up next to it because it thought I pressed a different square). Not a big deal when you’re fighting rats, but I can imagine that this will inevitably lead to some frustrating deaths. I think this is a general problem with games ported from a mouse platform - if the interface expects the user to be able to have relatively precise control over the location of his clicks, it’s gonna break down on the ipad.

Wesnoth had a similar issue, but let you undo your action as long as you didn’t actually attack anyone or expose a new area of the map on your move, so it wasn’t that bad.

I’ve been playing some Avadon, but I think it may be a bit too hard core for me. I feel like I need to try every dialog option with NPCs, and that seems to always involve me asking them about where they’re from, even though I don’t actually care. Then they usually tell me that they don’t feel like discussing it. I also want to explore new areas entirely, but they’re so big that it’s kind of a huge chore. Maybe I’m just playing it wrong.

Also, where is the secret stash of lockpicks? I’m finding doors and chests that require 45 lockpicks, and I’ve only found one so far.

It’s a price-point issue. I think the mobile market is not ready to pay $30 for most games. On that basis, at $9.99 the game may move a lot more copies and make more money than $30.

Here’s what the Man had to say:

So, there’s probably several posts just like this one in the past 20-odd pages, but they’re deeply buried and probably outdated now anyway, so: I just got an iPad and want to get some games for it. What are the best ones?

Mainly looking for games with some meat to them, particularly in the strategy and RPG realms, which it seems like the platform would be well-suited for. Avadon is going right on my list, given the last few posts in this thread. An asynchronous multiplayer title or two would also be nice.

And it’s slightly off-topic, but I’m open to any suggestions for essential non-game apps and/or accessories.


Ticket to Ride, Sword and Poker, Death Rally, Galaxy on Fire 2, Defender of the Oasis and Dungeon Raid.

Those are good.

Also, Space Miner, Royal Envoy, Infinity Sword, Wesnoth, Small World

Real Racing 2 is like Forza/Gt on your Ipad, no exaggeration. It’s worth checking out if you like racing games like that at all.

For online asynchronous multiplayer strategy, I recommend Samurai (one of the zillions of Reiner Knizia games).

I thought in retrospect that it was funny that I maintain this long list at appshopper.com, of games I’m waiting to go on sale from their usual $5.99 or whatever. I thought I was looking forward to these games. But when Avadon came along I did not hesitate for one moment to pay $9.99 given what it was, and given the reputation of Spiderweb. Maybe I don’t want those lighter games as much as I thought I did, and what I really want are better games at a higher price point.

Maybe I’m being picky, but is there any way to flip Avadon 180 degrees? I prefer having the headphone jack on the left, not right.

No but I am going to guess this is just something that he missed and I am going to guess that he will patch it in the future.

Wow Avadon is out on the iPad! Downloading now! :)

Thanks everyone. I’ve added all of those to my wishlist, and went ahead and bought Death Rally since it was on sale.

Also, Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery is on sale for $1.99 today.

Yup, I had held off on this. Even though I like Capybara’s work, the videos for S&S just weren’t doing it or me. I just bought it, though, and look forward to giving it a try.

After playing the first session, I think my instincts were right. I kind of feel about it like I did the Picasso exhibit I saw last fall. The tell me it’s amazing, and I respect what they’ve done, but it just isn’t for me.

On Sword & Sworcery:
I bought the iPhone version 2 months ago at full price and didn’t like it. It’s too small on the iPhone. I wonder if I should try again on the iPad. After all, this game was originally made for iPad.

I never played the iPhone version, but playing on the iPad, I can see how it would lose a lot. It just isn’t meant to be that small.

Playing Avadon in a weird way it made me realize Nippon Ichi should really be releasing games on the platform. I’d love something like Disgaea for it.

Avadon is eating all my free time. Nom nom nom.