iPad/iPhone Airplay to Apple TV problems

Remember when Airplay was new and all you could do was stream audio to your Apple TV from your iPhone? And then they updated things and you could stream video as well, from pretty much any source that played through the standard video interface on your phone? Suddenly I’m back to only being able to stream audio from all but videos played directly through the “Video” app.

Anyone run into this? Was there any mention of some new update accidentally or intentionally re-crippling this? Was there just some dumb setting I’ve forgotten that may have been toggled back to a unhelpful default in a more harmless update? HALP.

For the one instance I’m familiar with, it was an app issue. The MLB.TV app lost and then re-gained it after a couple of updates; I used it heavily in the last couple of weeks, so I’m glad they got it sorted out. Their customers were pretty angry about it in the app reviews.

I was trying to stream some PATV episodes from my phone (or iPad, neither worked) to the TV, and I know it used to work. I can’t figure out what’s changed, since that’s not really an app issue.

Have you tried restarting everything? AppleTV, wifi, and devices…

I had a case where one of my apps (IIRC it was the main Video player) only allowed me to stream audio to the AppleTV, no video. I rebooted the AppleTV (basically unplugged it for 15 seconds) and the problem went away.

Thanks for the suggestions, but maybe I’m just crazy and it never worked the way I thought it did. I could have sworn at one point I was streaming those PATV episodes to my TV, and that doesn’t work now no matter how many restarts of all my devices I do, but everything else still works. Oh well.