Ipad pro games

Picked up an ipad pro this week and am very impressed by it - I primarily bought it for reading (it’s the ultimate comic reader) and watching streaming, as well as surfing/twitter, but I’m impressed with how much better Fallout Shelter is on it compared to my ipad 3, so I thought I’d put a few more games on it.

Any recommended/upcoming games? I have a few already: the Baldur’s Gate Games, GTA: Chinatown Wars, Avernum, and FTL, along with some largely worthless crap (Mass Effect Infiltrator, Max Payne, Bard’s Tale). And the original Ultima IV, heh. Not really interested in the telltale games or XCOM (which I liked, but was satiated with a single playthrough on PC when it initially came out) - although is XCOM2 headed to ios?

Other comments on the hardware - amazing for video on demand/netflix streaming, which I didn’t really expect to use it for since I never utilized the ipad for that purpose.

Downsides – I am really paranoid about breaking it - it seems very fragile because it is so thin and has such a lengthy piece of glass. I’d be very uncomfortable traveling with it casually for work/vacation unless I bought a much heavier/protective case for it than the smart cover.

I’m also skeptical of its value as a laptop replacement and think the Surface is probably a better option for that purpose. I don’t have the keyboard since it’s largely sold out, and now I’m rethinking getting one at all, especially since they seem very overpriced ($250). Having to buy a subscription to edit Word/Excel/Powerpoint documents is also really annoying.

Didn’t buy the pencil (also hard to find, apparently) since I just don’t see any use for it, although it seems cool. Open to changing my mind, but I doubt I’m ever going to draw anything with it.

Some of the video editing and other media apps seem cool. Apparently the DJ app is amazing. Again, unlikely to utilize any though. Would like to someday try an app that allows you to make stop-motion animation films, if there ever is such a thing- would need a stationary setup for the ipad though.

What about something like Monument Valley? Short, but utterly charming, puzzler with McEscher levels. Or perhaps some more board games? We’ve got the Ascension and other iOS leagues around here.

All of that is new to me - will check it out, thanks!

I believe Monument Valley is currently free for the base game. I normally hate puzzle games, but love this. Addicting and beautiful.

Buy a case for it and you concern about breaking it will be minimized.

A few I’d recommend:
Best 4x game for iPad – Starbase Orion.
The Sorcery! choose your own adventure games are very well done. 80 Days is a great original CYOA. Both by Inkle.
King of Dragon Pass iOS edition is considered the definitive one by developer David Dunham.
Out There is a great roguelike space adventure.
Hoplite is a pared-down tactical rougelike.

My favorite games on the ipad have been stuff that’s unlikely to tax your ipad pro, and which you’ve probably tried/heard of anyway. I’ll list them just in case:

Boardgames (Summoner Wars, Ascension, Neuroshima Hex, Lords of Waterdeep, Eclipse)
Inkle text games (Sorcery! series, 80 days)
King of Dragon Pass

EDIT: beaten to the punch on most points by tylertoo. He has good taste.

Oh wait, Hitman GO is fairly good too.

All these are games I’ve been playing on my Air 2. Deathwatch, Out There, and Rebuild 3 are all really solid. I’m also enjoying the heck out of Freeblade, which is a Warhammer 40k action game. I’ve downloaded but not tried Rayman Adventures, looks gorgeous like the rest of the recent Rayman games. Zodiac is a new JRPG thats been pretty nice so far in the first couple hours that I’ve played. Loot and Legends is the iOS version of Card Hunter and has been fun. If you’re into MOBA’s, Vainglory sounds well done and is really pretty to look at though I haven’t put any time into it myself.

Lara Croft Go is also great. Less board-game-looking than Hitman Go, but still very stylized and the gameplay is the same turn based puzzle style. Highly recommended.

Also if you’re up for some nostalgia text adventuring, you can get the complete Infocom collection in iOS. Virtual keyboard isn’t optimal, but doable. I like The Room games, basically puzzle/hidden object type games, worth checking out. And in addition to Hitman GO, Tomb Raider GO (edit - oh no wait, it’s Lara Croft GO) is very good as well.

Another recommendation for the Room games. I finished the first two on the Pro and I am now paying the 3rd. They haven’t been upgraded for the Pro, but you wouldn’t know it because they look great. I can only tell they aren’t optimized because the keyboard is the old low resolution one when you type in your name.

Star Hammer: Vanguard Prophecy just came out yesterday and supposedly it is optimized for the Pro. It looks good, but I haven’t bought it yet.