Ipad screen protectors

So, after being an android person for quite some time, I’ve succumbed to IOS now, solely due to Procreate, the drawing program that I simply adore.

I am now the lucky owner a 5th generation Ipad Pro 12.9, for which I sold my soul to afford, but its worth it, I am sure.

Anyways - since I will be using it for drawing quite a bit (And also PDF viewing of Table-top rules), I was looking into Screen Protectors.

I’ve seen Paperlike bandied about quite a bit, but I’ve also seen some mention that almost all reviews are paid, and that the company behind it has spent massive amounts of money on advertising, so, I am a bit unsure whether its actually a good product or not.

As I understand it, matte screen protectors should be better for drawing, since it gives a nice resistance when using your pen on the Ipad, instead of the smooth surface it usually has.

Has anyone here any experience with either Paperlike, or anything like it when drawing? Or any other tips?

Thanks in advance!

I’ve never used a screen protector on an iPad or iPhone and never scratched one in … a whole lotta years.

If you are going to carry it around a lot, a case might make sense, but I don’t know why you’d need a protector unless you are really hard in things

well…because of this?

That’s totally understandable, then. Just wanted to make sure you didn’t think it was something you needed for protection purposes.

Its all good :-)

I took a look at an Apple-centric forum I visit. Moshi seems to be the most common one that people like. People also seem to like Paperlike. That said, everyone who tried a cheap knockoff seemed to be happy as well.

The biggest complaint is that the texture removes a bit of sharpness from the screen.

I’ve tried Paperlike screen protectors before. Personally i think the tip of the pencil has just enough friction that a ‘glass’ protector works fine, and i use glass protectors on all my iOS devices, as the glass protector will absorb any drop and crack first. Paperlike screen protectors also turn the screen into a kind of ‘pseudo-matte’ effect.

There are generic Paperlike protectors you can get on Amazon. I’d try one of those to keep your initial investment down.