IPad sound issue

That’s correct, but they each can have custom sounds. Maybe one of the apps you have installed plays a notification sound that’s musical?

Yes that could be.

I did the latest IOS update today…no problems since then so fingers crossed…

Hmm all notifications turned off incl Siri ones.

No dice…music and sounds started up again last night.

Back it up and set up a Genius Bar appointment. If they replace it, wipe your device before you surrender it to Apple and restore to your new device.

Would you believe we don’t appear to have an Apple Store in New Zealand?

Before you bring it to the the Hobbits.

Do an encypted backup to iTunes just in case.

Follow these instructions to do a fun DFU restore. That reinstalls the entire OS. Then, don’t restore from backup and set it up as new. Also, for giggles only install the apps you use every day just in case there is a background process in an app that’s misbehaving.

You can do chat with Apple where they will step you through troubleshooting and if all else fails they will have you send it in.

Well I talked to Support in Australia and played him a recording…”this is very unusual” he said haha. He thinks it is some kind of alert or alarm but nothing is set to go off and all notifications are off.

Anyway we reset all settings at the end of it so let’s see what happens. I have a case ID now at any rate and the support guy was very pleasant.

I just had this happen to me! I was playing on my iPad when I noticed a weird background sound.
I was thinking I was going wacky, but I noticed it was English being spoken around. I immediately thought it might be Netflix. Although it wasn’t showing in the list of running apps, when I tapped on it, it came up immediately, and was playing a video. I then could quite it.
I have no idea why and how the apps autolaunches in the background, and fails to show up in the list of launched apps.

That’s interesting. At least you could pinpoint what the app was.

So almost 2 days since reset and no further issues. Fingers crossed again.