iPad - way to make image files smaller?

I just don’t function well in a walled environment lol. So is there some way to take photos I took with my camera and make the file size smaller? For example I have a picture I took of steak salad I’d like to upload to the cooking thread here but it’s too big. Thanks! :)

Download Shrink My Pictures from the App store. Launch the application and then click add, then options to select your reduction, and then click Start. Should be all set.


I remember the good ol days when you didn’t need a third party app to change the image res solution on iPhone…

Well, you can set the image quality of the photos you take. By default they are like 4K images with no compression.


Ah, I see, it’s just videos you can set the resolution for. Photos are always in HD.

One thing you can do though, is take a photo, and while viewing it full screen take a screenshot with your phone or ipad. The resulting image is lower resolution and smaller than the original camera photo.

Yeah this is currently a big pain in the ass. There is no good way to resize images in the browser before uploading, either. So you are stuck uploading ginormous images, wasting god knows how much bandwidth and some server time, just to say “please send this in a reasonable size”.

Maybe something like https://github.com/nodeca/pica client side before uploading.

You can email the picture to yourself as well. Mail will ask what quality to use when you send it.

It just seems awfully ironic, the supposed king of OS’es for image and video work doesn’t have something as stupid simple as image compression for anything but email.

Aviary and Snapseed are free.

Apps like this are probably why Apple doesn’t bother. Their shit is always quality, and if you want to make it less so it’s on you to find a way to do it. That’s my guess.

There are likely dozens of photo editing extensions that can do this, so you never have to leave the Photos app.

Drill holes in your iPad to let the extra air out?