iPad3 LTE?!


If it does in fact have a higher resolution screen then I will put in my preorder as soon as they are up.

The screen might still be too small to comfortably view most PDF files with out scrolling but I am a sucker for more pixels.

The resolution is a certainty. LTE, though, I’m less sure about: public information about any LTE chipsets that Apple would use puts availability at mid-year, and the iPad is expected before then. So perhaps the best way to read this is that Qualcomm is ahead of schedule.

When does Qualcomm report earnings? If it’s soon, that would be a good option call.

I will have a lot of work convincing my wife to let me get this or my company to foot the bill. Damned if I won’t try!

Ideally they wouldn’t make a wifi version at all and wouldn’t charge a premium for the cellular modem either. It should be subsidized by carriers, since it will obviously be making them money.

But then the carriers would have to charge some kind of subscription cellular plan for tablets, and no one wants that.

How much of a resolution increase do you guys expect to see. Maybe +50% at most? I personally can’t imagine wanting LTE over wifi even though I know it would be great for those who like to carry iPads around when traveling.

Don’t care about LTE but I’m pretty much ordering as soon as it’s available. I put off buying the last two because I had other big purchases to make around the same time but now I’m ready to get in on that sweet iPad boardgaming action.

I quite literally just bought one a few days ago despite knowing that a new iPad was most likely on its way in March :(

Not a big deal - if I had been thinking however, I would have picked it up on boxing day instead.

LTE? Eh. I don’t see how LTE AND Retina wouldn’t instakill the battery but then again the insides of the iPad is like 98% battery. Won’t be buying that model anyway. Selling my Touchpad and iPad soon.

Supposedly lower power LTE chipsets, coupled with a larger internal battery.

I don’t see why. It’s not like the modem costs very much. Also by eliminating half their models, apple would cut their costs as well.

I wasn’t even aware there was a 3g option for the iPad 2 until I asked which model I wanted so I’m not sure it works - are consumers essentially require to sign on with a cell provider and pay a monthly fee for internet?

It’s month to month. You can cancel and re-up any time.

Right. No contract. It’s pretty awesome.

One of my pet peeves - why month to month and not day to day? It just seems like such a ripoff…especially when you have already paid what appears to be full price for the additional radio and antenna.

Ditto for wifi sharing on phones, minus the upcharge logic.

Epic 4g/Tapatalk

Are you suggesting they only make one version, which includes wifi and LTE, or only make one version, which only has LTE? I’m almost certain you mean the former, the latter sounds crazy to me.

But if you mean the former, then there’s no way in hell carriers would subsidize without a contract on a device someone (and I’m guessing even the majority of owners) will never or rarely pay for LTE with.

It would be nice if the only model differentiation was storage, if all models had wifi and the LTE option. It’d be nicer for manufacturing and simpler for customers. But the only way I can see that happening is if Apple can still afford to do all that with a base model at $500 and no subsidy. I don’t think we’re going to see the low end price raise, and if the whole point is to streamline the lineup, I don’t think we’re likely to see them compromise elsewhere, like keeping the existing screen on the $500 model and going up to “retina” screens on more expensive versions.

Unrelated: I bet we see the iPad 2 stay in production at sub $500 prices, adopting the iPhone pricing model of keeping last year’s hardware around as the “budget” offering.

While that would be quite cutthroat in terms of what it would do to their competitors, I’d still be surprised if they did that. Mainly because they aren’t having a particularly hard time selling them starting at $500.

The former, obviously. And again, the cellular modem doesn’t cost very much.

Okay. I can buy the possibility that LTE could be on all of the new models, it’s just contingent on how cheap Apple can do it. I think keeping the low-end model at $500 and not making sacrifices elsewhere to splinter the product line are both higher priorities than getting LTE as a standard option. So I’m still not expecting it to be standard, but won’t be totally shocked if it is. Carrier-subsidized iPads though, that would shock me.