Iphone 3gs to ...?

So I have a 3gs which is getting ready to be replaced. I am looking around at whether to make a switch to android or to upgrade to the Iphone 4s. I don’t think that the Iphone 5 is in the cards for me as I don’t really want to spend $900 on the phone (they don’t have quite the subsidized phones here that they would in the US). On the other hand, the 4s is only sold in the 16GB variety now and my 3gs has 32g…

What do you guys think? What factors should I be thinking about and if I did switch to android, which phone would be the most comparable to the Iphone 4s?



If you do go Android, the Nexus 4 is a pretty great phone at an amazing price, the problem is that it is still really hard to actually buy one.

If those are your options then Android is your best bet.

Would you say that going to the galaxy s3 would be something to think about? It is rather large…

Get a Galaxy Nexus for <$300.

If you invested in iOS apps, they won’t transfer to an android phone. I suggest getting the iphone4s.

If your heart is set on android, the galaxy S3 is nice, as is the HTC one X. I wouldn’t buy a galaxy nexus in 2013 unless you find a great deal. The nexus4 should hopefully be available to you shortly, that is the best option overall.

His choices are limited where he is. If he can score a Galaxy Nexus, it’d still be a considerable upgrade.

The Nexus 4 is also limited to 16 GB, with no expandable storage.

That’s what I’ve had for the last six months or so, and have found it to be fantastic. My wife has an iPhone 4s, so I’m fairly familiar with that as well. Both are extremely capable, fast, mature devices that will accomplish just about anything you would expect to do with a smartphone, so a lot of it comes down to which ecosystem and philosophy you prefer – you can’t really go far wrong with either.

iOS gives you access to any apps you’ve already purchased on your 3gs, a larger selection of games (though the gap is narrowing), and an overall smoother experience where just about everything just works out of the box. Android gives you the flexibility to make things work exactly the way you want rather than a one-size-fits-all approach, provided you’re willing to put in a bit of time up front. It also lets you pop in a $25 32GB microSD card and store as much media as you want, and it obviously is better integrated with Google’s ecosystem of services.

Note that you can only expand the Samsung phones with memory cards, for some idiotic reason none of the other main android phone manufacturers are putting expansion spots in their phones.

I’m not sure how much being invested in apps means in the scheme of things. Of course I have spent money on apps… I should figure out just how much actually as I’m sure it’s more than I think it would be.

They say the nexus 4 should become available in the Czech Republic either this month or next. I might wait to make a decision until then.

As far as I can see, this is the comparison:

  • stay in iOS, keep invested apps
  • limited to 16GB for 4s or too expensive for 5


  • slightly cheaper
  • more memory
  • better connection for my google services
  • refind/purchase apps that I depend on

The important question isn’t how much you’ve spent overall, it’s what paid apps you actually use on a regular basis and would want to replace on the new platform.

And in making your list of pros and cons, don’t discount a personal preference for one OS or the other. This is a device you’re going to be using daily for a long time to come, so if you can try them out in advance and see which feels more right to you, it would be good. There’s not necessarily a “right” answer on the choice between simplicity/polish vs. flexibility/power, but most people will come down on one side or the other.

Exactly. Have you used Android? Some like it, but to me it feels like what Windows Mobile 6.5 would have evolved into if it hadn’t died. I really dislike using it. So make sure you play with it.

Is a used iPhone 4S with 32 or 64gb a possibility there? If your carriers don’t give much of a subsidy on new ones anyway…


  • slightly cheaper
  • more memory
  • better connection for my google services
  • refind/purchase apps that I depend on

Depending on which you get, it will be significantly cheaper. Then again, Nexus 4 aside, cheaper Android phones can get pretty shitty pretty quick - certainly don’t get any phone that isn’t at least on ICS. An SII might be a good choice if cost is a real constraint. Other advantages of Android include much greater UI flexibility and usability without the need to jailbreak/root, and direct access to the filesystem. That said, there’s a lot of value in maintaining access to the iOS app ecosystem. I do this by having an iPod and an Android phone, which has the added advantage of extending each device’s intra-day battery life, but I realise not everyone wants or can afford to carry both around.

Thanks for the feedback, guys! I agree that how much I like the os is a great concern and that I should try before I buy an android… but I should also, as you suggest, try to find replacement apps before I make the switch assuming it goest that way.

I do think that I would be able to get a used iphone 4s, but thought that it would be somewhat risky as to phone quality if it’s been abused or something. I have a friend who works at google, so I might ask him about how to get a nexus 4. Maybe I could buy one off of one of the people he works with if they aren’t using it…


If you’re set on android, definitely wait on the nexus4. At least here in the states, it is sold unsubsidized very cheaply.

Damn that’s harsh.

Not having used many Android devices I can’t really weigh in, but from a surface perspective that certainly has a patina of truthiness to it.

If jailbreaking is something you’re interested in, it’s time to switch. No jailbreak for ios 6 in sight.
Have been an iphone user from day 1 myself, almost 6 years ago. Looking to upgrade from an iphone 4. Will give it 4 months, if there is still no jailbreak release for the iphone 5 I’ll start looking into the new Nexus and whatever pops up from Samsung next.

Actually I did jailbreak the phone for some update or other and then let it go. I just didn’t see how to use it so well to get good programs onto the phone…

It does look like the nexus 4 is available in some form in europe, but I think I’m going to wait a month or two anyway before making a commitment to a new phone. I’d like to look more into the android os to see if the switch is even in the cards. If not, there are a few used iphones on sale here which might be worth buying…

Does anyone have experience/things to watch out for on buying a phone on ebay or something similar? I don’t need the phone right away and would be able to get it in the states. My parents come to visit fairly frequently and they would be able to bring it. I don’t really buy anything on ebay, so I’m quite unsure of how to not get screwed.