iPhone 4 Owners, Report In

Apparently some of those who managed to actually pre-order for launch day got shipping notifications for delivery today.

My 16GB baby is on reserve for pickup from my local Apple store, at 7 am tomorrow. Figure to get there at least an hour early (that’s why the Lord made the iPad!).

I’ve also got it reserved for in store pickup tomorrow. I hope I don’t have to get there too early.

Mine showed up on my porch this morning. It’s still syncing, but so far I’m surprised at how crisp and awesome the screen is. I have to get the thing within about 4" of my face before I can make out any pixels.

Also, while the 3GS feels a little more comfortable in my hand than the 4 does, it also feels kinda weirdly cheap and plasticky next to the 4.

My wife texted me to tell me it arrived at our home, which is a pleasant surprise since I didn’t expect it until tomorrow. Will be spending the night setting it up.

I can NOT wait.

Not sure when mine’s showing up. AT&T still doesn’t have tracking info listed for my order. Hoping I get it tomorrow since I arranged to “work from home.”

AT&T says tomorrow, the bastards.

Got mine this morning. The FedEx guy looked exhausted.

The phone is a thing of beauty. None of the videos or screencaps of the display do it justice, has to be seen to be appreciated.

…where is the WhittaPic?

England win AND a new iPhone? BEST DAY EVER!

My sync finally finished. I cannot get over how awesome the screen is.

Text on it is tack-sharp, pictures look as good as real prints, and all sorts of little UI detail pops out that wasn’t visible before (for example, now all of the app icons in a folder are completely legible).

Yeah, a lot of the app icons just need to be upscaled to make full use of the new rez. All the official Apple apps look great, a lot of third party ones still need to be upgraded.

Another classic WhittaPic. Can somebody confirm there is in fact 512mb dram on the thing?

I’m surprised at how obvious the difference between native-res UI elements and pixel-doubled ones is, yeah.

One good thing is that even in apps which haven’t been updated for the new display, text is rendered at native resolution and looks great.

I think iFixit’s teardown confirmed that.

I picked one up too. I’m weak. It’s, you know, an iPhone with a better screen. Much faster too, since I upgraded from a 3G.

Ahhhh I see that now. Way cool.

I’ll be at the Bellevue, WA Apple store at 7 am tomorrow to get mine. Any other Qt3ers doing that?

First time I’ve ever lined up to buy something (or in this case, pick up a reserved item), but I figured it would be an amusing experience.

Yay… I have a tracking number. Too bad FedEx tracking is broken under the deluge of iPhone crazies.

Good lord. Crazy Cult of Steve members are lined up now in Bellevue for tomorrow morning’s pickup. Lunacy!

Did a video hands-on with the guys at Tested.com earlier today, will post the video when it’s up.