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Apple Maps sucks in Canada. I believe the map provider is TomTom. When the major ring road was finished, Google Maps updated within the week. Apple took until the next major iOS update a year later.


I’m finding my iPhone 8 Plus battery draining notably faster than the iPhone 7 Plus.


I think that’s fairly typical of a brand new phone. They’re doing all kinds of indexing / cloud syncing. I’d give it a week, and if it’s still problematic, you’re still inside the 14 day no questions asked return window.


Did you do an iCloud restore? If so, reset all settings.


Is there any free way to try out HDR content on my iPhone 8 Plus? Netflix now supports HDR on it but I’d need to pay for a more expensive subscription just to use it, and since I don’t have a 4K / HDR TV I’m not going to pay that just to try out HDR on my phone.


I did. How invasive is that? I’ve never used that function.


It’s not bad. It resets all the passwords, secure enclave, and settings. So you’ll need to re set up touch ID, your wifi passwords, and all the little settings you set, like keyboard clicks.

I do it usually after each major iOS release and a few times during the betas.

The only pain point is of you don’t remember the wifi password to a place you go to a lot.


I suspect that’s iOS 11 and not the phone… iOS 11 also is draining my 6S significantly faster. I suspect they’ll fix it in a point update soon.




We looked at a subset of 50,000 moderate to heavy iPhone and iPad users in our network running iOS 10 and iOS 11 to compare the average battery decay rate over the past three days.

What does that even mean? Who is Wandera and where are they getting this data?


Pfht. Just got my 8+ today and I already learned how to close apps. Been sitting on 100% for 90 minutes. This is me looking unconcerned.



You don’t need to close apps, at least not for battery power (only reason to do that is with a misbehaving app). The battery drainers are the the ones you give permission to update in the background. Turn off as many of those as you can in settings and never use the FaceBook app (don’t even install it).

Having zero issues with the battery on an iPhone 7 and iPad Air 2 running 11.


< quietly uninstalls Facebook app.

Yeah, exactly!


It might be better now, but a long while it was doing sneaky stuff in the background like using your microphone to keep it active. It was a battery killer. I haven’t installed it since. I use Safari if I really must get on FB.


I don’t really use FB very often, so it’s gone. And yeah I can drain the battery pretty fast with one of these AR things, or even a word puzzle game. Or weather radar.

No worse than my old phone, but hopefully they do something.


Nice write-up from John Gruber about the state of the Apple TV, and I’m starting to agree with him: for what you get and compared to competing products, the 4K Apple TV is priced too high. The new 4K FireTV is $70. The 4K ATV is $179/199 and doesn’t offer substantially more features. I love Apple products but I’m thinking the FireTV or Roku will be my next media player when I buy a 4K TV.


It’s not just priced too high-- Apple products are generally more expensive than the competition, but the Apple tax is generally <50%. I mean, an 8GB RAM/256GB SSD macbook pro 13" is $1500 versus a comparable XPS13 at $1300, a mere 15% markup. Even the wildly overpriced touchbar model is “only” a 38% markup over the Dell.

The AppleTV is over double the price of its competition and does nothing they can’t other than proprietary airplay and iTunes store compatibility. Now it’s true that the SoC inside is probably faster than many laptops-- but who cares? You aren’t compiling code on the thing. You aren’t even browsing the web. And the remote fucking sucks.


Yeah I can’t think of much good use for a powerful SoC on a TV device, unless it’s for games. It’d be streaming 99% of the time, right? Sort of the opposite of what the MS execs thought would happen with the Xbox One…


Nobody managed to make a streamer that consumers want to use for games-- and everybody tried. Roku had their angry birds and gaming remote and both Nvidia and Amazon sell their devices with gamepads. Nobody cares. Apple didn’t crack that nut either.


Once something that I’ll be using a lot is priced low enough that I just don’t care about the investment ($200 meets that mark), it becomes much more a question of utility than price. It’s not like it’s a frequent purchase category – it’s going to last a few years. Someone could offer something almost (but noticeably not quite) as good for $10 and I would not be interested.

Currently you have to choose between Amazon and Apple ecosystems in the places where the FireTV and AppleTV don’t overlap (since there’s no Amazon Prime Video on Apple, and no iTunes purchases on Amazon). Once that difference goes away with the coming soon™ Amazon Prime Video app for the ATV, it tilts pretty heavily in favor of Apple for me – but that’s mostly because I have a lot of movies and such purchased from them over the years.