iPhone 8 Apple 2017


the biggest thing steering me away from the X is the notch. I think it is going to present too many UI challenges.


Isn’t the notch because this is just the Apple of the Note 8? Doesn’t the Note 8 have a notch, and isn’t Samsung the supplier of the OLED panel?

I mean it looks like there’s a notch because literally that’s the part they are receiving.


Having just replaced an OLED screen on my Nexus 6, it’s understandable. LCD screens are cheap, OLED are not.


Anyone else here with a 6s and not much desire to upgrade? The 6s still feels plenty fast to me. Camera is great, touch ID is fast, it will run iOS 11 smooth as butter. $1000 for the X doesn’t make financial sense (I’d rather spend it on a g-sync gaming monitor or a 4K TV), and the 8 would be “more of the same, just faster”. I might hang tight and wait for the iPhone Xs next year.


I have the same excuse to buy (two small daughters). Want!

The Verge has a pretty good article about suggesting we actually wait for some reviews this time. The home button has been an ‘escape hatch’ that is ingrained into Apple users muscle memory, and swiping up is ingrained as a way to scroll internet pages. The faceID seems intuitive, but may be a lot less practicle, for example adding a crucial couple of seconds when taking it out of your pocket to pay for something in comparison with the touchID. Plus Apple was working hard to get touchID under screen and couldn’t get it to work (at least based on rumors).

The notch isn’t a big deal to me. Because OLD is totally dark, the notch doesn’t actually exist in a lot of cases (watching videos, looking at pictures). It’s basically a tiny additional screen for notifications in general use.


The Samsungs don’t have a notch, no, but they aren’t actually borderless. They have a (very small) forehead and chin. The Essential phone is borderless, but it has a much smaller notch.

Honestly I strongly prefer Samsung’s solution. I dislike the notch, it looks silly.

While the notch doesn’t exist while watching videos, that’s because that entire area of the screen is simply black and completely unused.


Oy. I’ve been planning to go pick up a 10.5 256 for weeks.thats what I get for procrastinating.


Looking at how devs have ignored the large iPad, I have zero hope they will do anything useful with the notch. Even the iOS11 UI on it seems weird.


About the wireless charging. I’m actually not a fan. When I got my Nexus 6 I was all excited about it and bought a few Qi chargers. But the phone gets pretty hot. I know that heat kills battery longevity, and I personally stretch my longevity by using good battery discipline. Maybe by using a slower charge, Apple is limiting the issue, but anyway that’s my 0.02.


Main advantage of wireless charging is when you’re out and about. In airports and such, you’ll often find Qi charging pads strewn around. That way you don’t need to plug your phone into a suspect USB jack or try to find a rare jealously guarded power outlet.


Not that I ever really browse the web in landscape, but if you do… pain town USA on the X


Unclear if that’s an actual screenshot or a mockup. If it’s real, and they use that screen area to show part of the webpage, yeah-- that sucks.


How else can they do it? It has to be that way. Otherwise the left side gets obscured.

Doesn’t matter much since you really shouldn’t need to be browsing the web in phone landscape mode a whole lot in 2017, but it does illustrate the weirdness of the notch.


Yes, you obscure the left side. It’s just black. That’s how videos supposedly work, but then again most videos are 16:9 so they would be pillarboxed anyway.


Yeah, I dunno if it is supposed to be black in real use in Mobile Safari, I guess we’ll see.


The mockups on the official product page show the device allowing the notch to obscure screenspace in landscape mode. If you’ve an game w/ edge interface buttons, could be a problem…


So this is how video works on the X. Somehow they managed to find an 18:9 aspect video. Most 16:9 video will be pillarboxed on the 18:9 screen, so zooming in to 18:9 will actually lose content on the top and bottom.

But, if you manage to find an 18:9 video, this is what happens when you zoom it.


Hahahahaha what the fuck


I almost feel like they should have made the notch even deeper, if they were going to go with a notch in the first place. It’s a weird middle ground where they could have just had a bigger lip on the top like the S8.


FWIW I upgraded to an iPhone 7 because I got a new puppy. I noticed that half of the photos I took of her were Live Photo images with short animation and half weren’t. Turns out my iPad was new enough to do Live Photo and my iPhone wasn’t.

I have no regrets about largely upgrading phones for the camera. In fact, I wish I had upgraded before the puppy arrived.