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I would be much happier if that happened. Just have the whole forehead be smaller.


They can always just keep in in this mode:


I would prefer that also, but Apple is reportedly “embracing the notch”. Which sounds vaguely pornographic.


I’m down with notch-love when it makes sense. If you have a bit of status stuff to tuck up in the “ears” without looking ridiculous, why not? But in most cases, I suspect developers will go for option B and just black out the strip. Which is great. Doing it this way gives options. Doing the strip the entire length of the top when it’s not physically necessary to house sensors does not.


Yeah, I’m OK with the notch. I don’t think there’s any other way to do it at the moment without adding a “full forehead” to the phone, and the notch does fit the use case: near-permanent indicators in the top left (clock) and top right (signal strength, battery life) but very rarely anything in the exact top middle.


I’m flip-flopping back and forth between wanting the iPhone 8 Plus and the iPhone X.

iPhone X argument:
Best screen (higher res, HDR, amazing contrast ratio)
Smaller physical size
Better rear cameras
Much better front facing camera

iPhone 8 Plus argument:
Not convinced Face ID is ready to replace Touch ID
Slightly better battery life, apparently

My main goal all along has been to get the “best” camera available in this generation. I’m upgrading from a regular iPhone 6, so the jump in capability there is going to be way bigger than the difference between the 8 Plus and the X, but the X is still technically the best. And that screen really sounds amazing.

But man, I’m nervous about Face ID. Maybe I give too much credence to the rumor mill, but following along all summer the story it paints is that Face ID was a compromise because they couldn’t do the edge to edge screen any other way (couldn’t reliably make Touch ID work behind it, apparently), not a polished feature whose time had come.


I’m going 8 because I think there is too much first gen stuff in the X, and I don’t like the notch.

The camera is better on the X though. I’d wait for the reviews to see how FaceID works in practice.


If Face ID is a concern, you have the option to turn it off. To me, the X is about the OLED screen, the relatively smaller size (I have a Plus and often I feel it is too big in my pocket). And new interface to play with. I’ve always enjoy new tech but just not willing at that price! Dilemma.


Well it’s not like I’m upset that it has Face ID. I’m nervous that it doesn’t have an adequate replacement for Touch ID. Turning Face ID off doesn’t help that.



I’m planning to upgrade from my 6S Plus, but the 8 seems like the better option for me than the X. I like the size of the 6S Plus so the smaller size of the X doesn’t appeal to me. The notch seems annoying. I don’t trust Face ID to work as reliably as Touch ID in its first outing. It’s $99 freaking 9.

OLED screen would be nice, but I thought the cameras in the 8 and X are the same for the most part?

Also: I was hoping the X would have the 120Hz refresh rate of the new iPad Pro. That thing is pretty nice. Hopefully next time.


There is always old school entering a pin code to unlock.

Windows Hello has been acceptable for me on Surface and I am assuming Apple’s take will be better.


Hello works great for me on Surface devices but it’s still not as fast as TouchID is. It’s just that I’m not waking up and putting to sleep my laptop nearly as frequently as I am my phone. So on Surface it’s amazing, but identical performance on a phone wouldn’t be.

TouchID also started a lot slower than it is now. And then they improved it. I’d rather wait till gen 2 of face id


My issue with FaceID is those times when your hands are full and you’re wearing sunglasses. It’s a massive step backwards in those cases.

That exact thing happened to me a few months back with the Galaxy 8: umbrella in one hand, sunglasses on (it was rainy with bright sunlight in New Orleans – yes it was weird), phone in the other hand, and no way to unlock it unless I had a strangle-hold on the top of the phone in order to reach the stupidly-placed fingerprint reader up top.

The X looks to be even worse than that, as there’s simply no alternative other than pin code / password (which can be a serious pain if you have a secure password).


If it doesn’t work with sunglasses, they have failed already. I fully expect it to work with sunglasses. That doesn’t mean it will, because I do expect the first version to be rough, but I would think Apple thought of the sunglasses problem.


Turns out I was right about the reason why Face ID “failed” during the presentation. Many people handled the phone, which caused Face ID to keep trying to authenticate, until after awhile it went to the protective “ask for passcode” mode. I guessed right because I’ve seen that prompt quite a bit thanks to my kids frequently trying to login to my iPhone.

Source: https://www.macrumors.com/2017/09/14/apple-face-id-didnt-fail-keynote/


Sunglasses can block out a pretty large portion of your face, and a lot of details that identify people. I’m not sure it will be possible to maintain security and unlock with sunglasses. Realistically though, it’s not a big deal to unlock with a passcode once in a while such as when outside.

In fact this whole unlock thing isn’t that big of a deal to me personally. My phone doesn’t need to be unlocked at home, at work, in the car, at Costco, the Panera by my house, the McDonalds by my house, or at my in-laws. The rest of the time it’s a 4-button pin (I don’t bother with the swipe, gesture, faceID it offers). Maybe it’s not very secure but it works great for the places I use my phone a lot.


Sounds like sunglasses are likely to block the “attention aware” features of Face ID where it can tell specifically whether you’re actually looking at the phone, since it might not be able to see your eyes.

You can disable those features independently of turning Face ID completely off, so maybe there will still be enough of your face to work if you switch that off.


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