iPhone accessories and cases:


I was finally able to get the SwitchEasy CapsuleRebel case (black only though) locally at retail for my iPhone 4. I loved this case for how durable it was for my iPhone 3G/3GS and it’s still a solid case in its current version.

What is everyone else using?


I used an Incipio case for my iPhone for a couple years. Had a rubber case and a hard plastic shell around that case. Not pretty, kinda bulky, but it worked pretty well.

Don’t have that anymore, but my iPod Touch 4G has this case:

Really really nice. Not too sticky/tacky, fits nicely, looks nice, only $10. Love that case.


I just recently got a Deflector case from www.getuncommon.com and like it so far. The cool part is you customize it with any artwork you want at really high res. Upload an image and crop/rotate it. There was a coupon code I used (not sure if it’s still good for 20% off: VERIZONATT).

Here’s the design I got:


I have a crumpler cover lined with microfiber for my iPhone that I cannot find - but I find all cases to be ugly and bulky compared to the iPhone 4’s brilliant design (might as well buy a plastic HTC) and the Gorilla Glass has proved durable and unscratchable, so I don’t worry anymore.


I have quite a few cases now, most of which fit the Zagg Invisoshield (www.clear-coat.com) style thin skin it has on the back and sides (I removed the front since the bubbling bugged me) and the hard plastic matte screen protector on the front:

-Mophie Juice Pack Air
-Griffin FlexGrip
-Marware CEO Flip Vue leather case (both brown and black)

…and I have a dozen of those $.49-.99 black TPU plastic cases from Monoprice.


I have an iSkin, mostly because I don’t trust myself and I’m afraid I’ll drop the Iphone every time I get it out of my pocket. That happened to my old 2g and man was that bad.


My wife just got an iPhone3GS as a handset upgrade for cheap now that ts an older model. She picked up an iSkin cover for it. The protective film that goes over the screen is a complete bitch to put on and there’s some minor bubbles. She doesn’t want fingerprints all over the glass. My response that this just means you get fingerprints all over the protective film was met with “The GLARE” ™ from her, so whatever.

Are there other screen protectors out there that may be a little easier to apply?


my favorite:

Apple stores sometimes have these too.

Works great with iSkin which is the case I use.


Get them from Monoprice. Get lots for <$1 each to throw away if you screw up. that’s what I do. I bought 12 at a time. Comes in antiglare (I prefer these) to crystal clear ones.

ProTip: Use 511 (or equivalent) Scotch tape to slide under the underside of the screen protector to grab dirt/dust specks it has picked up during application.

Identical to the $5-10 ones I buy from Griffin/Brando/Boxwave except for lack of retail packaging and 2 sided peel off (it has only 1 peel off)

It may also help to apply them in a steamed up bathroom.


Do you find the antenna issue to be a problem? I’m due for an upgrade and will probably be getting an iPhone 4 this week, and I’m trying to figure out what to do for a case. I’m not totally averse to going caseless; I like the look of the new design, and have found the glass to be incredibly resilient (my 3G face has zero scratches, despite the fact that I carry it around in my pocket). So with glass on the front and back and metal on the rim, it would seem like maybe a case is more optional with the iPhone 4. I do worry about the antenna issue, though, even though I’ve read some reports that it turned out to be much less of a problem than was initially reported.

If I do get a case, I’m kind of partial to the bumper style cases that leave the back exposed. Is the official Apple one any good? Or are there better options out there?

I currently have a Speck Candyshell on my 3G, and I like it a lot. I’d buy a bumper-style version of that case from Speck in an instant if they made one. But sadly, they don’t.

Edit: Stylistically, I do like these cases. I think they match the design aesthetic of the iPhone 4 better than a lot of the other cases I’ve seen. But hot damn, are they expensive.


Ben, the front is very durable, but the back will get faint scratches over time; it doesn’t seem to have the same glass treatment as the front. I decided I’m fine with that and I just try not to set it down on glass-like surfaces, but putting a Zagg on the back isn’t a bad idea if you want to avoid any sign of wear.


Good to know–thanks!


Be forewarned, if you drop it with any amount of impact, a Zagg-like skin will only keep the shattered fragments stuck together (like it did for my friend)


Incipio Feather for the iPhone4 is nice. I have one, barely looks like I have a case at all.


Well, I ended up getting the aluminum case from e13ctron. I really wanted a bumper-style case, but something a bit more solid than the Apple one. They have a ton of colors, and offer the cases in matte, brushed, or chrome finishes. I went with plain brushed aluminum (I think it has some sort of clear finish on it, but it looks like bare metal) because I felt that it most closely matched the design aesthetic of the naked phone, which I rather like.

The case itself is very well-made, with precise machining and no rough edges. It adds about the minimum amount of bulk possible, but still provides a bit of a lip on the front and back, so that you can set (or drop) it on a flat surface without making contact with the glass. Inside the case, the phone does not actually touch the metal frame. instead, there are two plastic rails that run all the way around the case, top and bottom, cradling the phone. It’s a really nice design. Buttons are recessed just enough to keep them from getting pressed accidentally in your pocket, but not so much that they are hard to press. We’ll see how much I like it after using it for a while, but initial impressions are very good.

It does add some weight to the phone. Not a lot, but a little bit more than a plastic case would have. Not really a big deal for me–the iPhone 4 is pretty hefty, anyway. Pics:

Naked phone

With e13ctron case

Other side


Thanks for sharing some of those look Great


Wow! A celebrity!


[/B]Good bump though. I’ve been looking for an iPhone case.


Just ordered the 4S last night - anyone have an IPhone4 case that they’re really happy with? Or any case I guess; presumably there will be a 4S version of most popular cases. I have a two year old, so I’m looking for something fairly rugged…water resistant would be nice. (After typing that I had the thought that ‘Water Resistant’ was one of those meaningless marketing terms, but apparently it’s an ISO standard.)

I found this one which is waterproof but there’s not that many reviews on it. The Otterbox Defender is popular but not water-anything.



If a case is compatible with the Verizon iPhone 4, it’ll work on the 4S. They’re externally identical.

For the past year I’ve used a Griffin Reveal Etch and been really happy with it. It’s easy to slip off when I’m putting the iPhone 4 in the car mount, and it has a small lip to protect the front screen if you drop the phone face down. The plain Reveal has a transparent back if you want to show off the back of the phone, and is cheaper.

I bought a white 4S, and since I’m passing on my car mount and Reveal Etch case to my wife along with the iPhone 4, I got the CaseCrown Metallic Glider Slim Case. It has glowing reviews (search for it on Youtube), and protects the front as well. In this case, I like the color contrast with the white phone, but it is available in black and other colors. Saw one at work and it looks really nice.



unpowered Amplifier/Stand.

My favourite gadget except the iPhone Itself and it doesn’t actually do anything other than, well, amplify the iPhone speakers.