iPhone accessories and cases:


Most favourite iPhone 4 case ever is the SwitchEasy Capsule Rebel.

I can throw/drop my iPhone 4 case and I repeatedly do to show it off.


I’d still wait and make sure you’re getting something that advertises 4S compatibility, just to be safe. I think there were even some very minor differences between the AT&T and Verizon iPhone 4’s. I believe the volume switch was positioned just slightly differently, to the point where it would be fine with almost all existing cases, but one or two with very tight fits would notice a difference. So I’d wait until 4S’s are actually in people’s hands for testing with existing 4 cases to be absolutely certain.


Putting an iPhone in a case is akin to taking a dump in the designers cereal. Jobs did not approve…


Well, yeah, I’m on 2+ years without a case or a scratch on my 3GS and I don’t plan on getting one for the 4S, but I don’t have any kids fighting for their chance to play Angry Birds either. I think maybe if someone wants to buy a case, that’s okay.


Well, then Jobs shouldn’t have covered both sides with glass… (The back of the iPhone 4 being glass – and apparently NOT “gorilla glass” – is idiocy.)

The case I ordered said “4S” on it. Apparently the 4S is manufactured to the same physical specs as the Verizon 4. And the post-Verizon-launch iPhone 4 cases tend to be designed to accomodate both AT&T and Verizon models.


Take a look atthese custom bamboo cases you can get made up for a fairly reasonable price. You can choose stock artwork or provide your own for the engraving.


Those are awesome, but at those prices, I’d want a case for my case.


Yeah… it’s the main reason I don’t want one. That and at my work I need a case that’ll be more function than form. But I have known a few people that have gotten them and they’ve been very pleased.

If you are doing custom artwork though you might really want to take a look at it and some of their limitations. They do provide a preview of what it should look like but sometimes because of the randomness in the bamboo it’s not as dark, so with reduced contrast between the carved section and the shell if you have lots of detailed line work it can look… bad. Check their facebook page out for customer’s shots of custom artwork.


It seems like that claim is being made by some and refuted by others with no actual proof either way just speculation.

All I can say is that I agree with Jobs that the iPhone is a thing of beauty not to be marred by some other designers ugly colour clashing case and that I’ve had mine in a pocket full of change and keys, dropped it several times and there’s not a scratch on it.

It’s an expensive device, and I really don’t care if people want to protect it against the world or their own clumsiness. I do think all cases looks like ass and I don’t agree that the design is stupid or more breakage prone than other phones. It’s certainly the most robust phone I’ve ever owned.


Seems to be a few versions. Which one do you like?


Well, Has, I have to replace the cracked glass on my wife’s 3gs before I sell it, and I’ve seen two iPhone 4 units with shattered back glass at work, so I’m getting a case.

If it had been intended to use without a case, the antenna wouldn’t shut off when you touch it. :)


Trollin’ trollin’ trollin’…


I submit to you that my case (pictured above) definitely does not look like ass. In fact, it barely even looks like it IS a case. I’d definitely recommend it.

I’m not convinced about the back not being Gorilla Glass. Mine doesn’t have a single scratch on it, despite being exposed (though it is somewhat protected by the fact that the rim of the case protrudes beyond the surface of the glass) and me being not all that careful with it.


Good thing it doesn’t do that then.


I think you missed the humor, Hans :P

I agree with Denny about the back definitely not being Gorilla Glass, but I decided to just treat it as a wear surface and enjoy it. If it breaks, at least the back is cheap to replace. Mine has only the faintest scratches in it after using it since February, but I’m reasonably careful not to place it directly on glass or similar surfaces (marble etc). Which is tough at home… glass desk, granite counters…


It looks great, but… $85?


I like the case Ben uses, when I go to a 4 in a few weeks I may get one.
I tried some cases with my 3GS and couldn’t stand it, the damn phone is such a beautiful design that I just sort of learned to be extra careful about putting it into places where it might get scratched up.
My wife uses an obnoxious gross otterbox white rubber thingy to protect her iPhone, and im cool with that. She doesn’t understand Apple products are also works of functional art, she just loves that she can get her email and surf the web easily.

Oh, I forgot to mention Hans is right.


You’re perpetuating a stereotype we Americans hold about non-British Europeans and their senses of humor, Hanzii.

Just so you know. :)


I have aBallistic case on my 4. I think it looks great (black on black). It’s a sold design.


Yeah, it’s pricey. More than I’d normally spend on a case, honestly. But this is a really nice case, and I had a hard time finding other iPhone 4 cases that I liked. I didn’t want to cover the back, but I didn’t like the way that the plastic rim cases flexed.