iPhone accessories and cases:


I thought you noticed in recent threads that there’s no joking allowed when talking about the iPhone. It is either evil or awesome with no middle ground allowed. Joke about Nokia - the iPhone is serious business.


I don’t use a case or a screen protector. The screen protectors all kind of ruin the gorgeous screen and cases ruin the excellent form factor.


I will always have mine in a case. My 3G was destroyed when I dropped it (yeah, I know the 4 is different, but still) and out of seven co-workers with iPhones, four of them have had either back or front glass destroyed.

Who cares what the phone looks like in a case as long as it actually works?


Am I the only one that feels like the case-less iPhone wil slip out of your fingers at any moment?


I use the aforementioned SwitchEasy case for better grip and survivability along with one of those matte (I buy 'em in bulk from Monoprice to replace when I get air bubbles or imperfections) screen protectors which resist fingerprints.

This has allowed my iPhone 4 to remain mint while others without have gradually seen theirs crack/break outright or just get scuffed. Those with Zagg or Ghost Armour skin coverings stay mint as long as they don’t drop them. When they do they have still smashed up but still stuck to the skin.


The wife has a screen protector on her 3G. I think it looks like shit. When I got my 4, I got a free screen protector. It made the screen look all grainy. I eventually peeled it off. Now it looks, well, like it was supposed to look. And yeah, the actual iPhone screen gets a few greasy swipes on it. So I wipe them off. Screen protectors are garbage. Protect the phone with a good case. The screen will never look right with crap covering it. IMHO. YMMV.


The front is oleophobic and very scratch-resistant, so it’s more likely to look good over time than anything you could put on it. The back, not so much.


It takes many tries to get one without bubbles/dust and I use as many as needed until I get it just right. However, I’ve gone without one recently and the touchscreen really is noticeably more responsive.


The guy at the store where I purchased my phone took a long time to put the "screen protector"on my phone. He really sat there for a while putting it on. There were no bubbles or anything. But the display was crap. I was amazed when i finally peeled it off.


Those are probably the wet-applied skin (Zagg/Ghost Armor) type ones. I am not skilled enough to do those so I apply manually the non-adhesive matte hard plastic ones. I buy 20 bucks worth (the Zagg cost $20 just for the piece for the front) that I can use up in failed attempts from Monoprice.

The Zagg/Ghost Armor ones are basically the protective film they charge an arm and a leg for on new cars–the protective coating on helicopter blades or something.

I HATE how the feel for touchscreens though and prefer the hard plastic ones.


Nope. And I got a Casecrown hard case for my 4S that looks great, but I much prefer the extra grip from my cheaper looking rubbery Griffin case. Wish I’d kept the box for the Casecrown because I’m going to go back to a Griffin or maybe just a bumper.


The first time I had a scratch on the touchscreen of a phone, with no way to get rid of it, I swore I’d never go without a screen protector again. And I don’t. And I really can’t tell it’s there. FWIW


I see a lot of coworkers with cracked iPhones so here is the case for cases.


This. The glass is much better now, guys. Protect with a case if you must, but the screen doesn’t need it.


You can still scratch it as many coworkers have done.


Granted, but It doesn’t take much care not to.