iPhone accessories

Looking for a couple of accessories for my 3G. Looked through Amazon, but random reviews from random people just don’t really do it for me.

I’m looking for a set of in-the-ear style earphones that are iPhone compatible. Until recently I’ve just been using these and love them, but they tend to go out after a couple of months and either way, they don’t have the little microphone/controller dongle that lets you answer phone calls and talk without unplugging the earphones. So I’d like to hear if anyone has any suggestions! I hate the earphones that came with the 3G, after an hour of wearing them I feel like someone’s been at my ears with a goddam hand drill. I love in-ear style earphones. Help me!

Also, I’m looking for an FM transmitter for the 3G that isn’t ass. I’ve had a couple of cheap FM transmitters that just plug into the earphone plug, but even with a regular iPod they tended to suck. In an iPod that’s also a phone, I imagine they won’t really work at all. So if anyone’s got good experience with one, lemme know?

Shure makes some damn nice in-ear earphones. Probably the best I’ve used. I go through cheaper (~$30) Sony’s all the time since I leave them lying out at work and for gym use. But this very forum has had several threads on in-ear earphones. Perhaps someone with greater Google-fu than me can find some.

As for your second request, I wish I could help you. I’ve not found one yet, and the ones I seem to find lately are all incompatible with the iPhone 3G.

Totally unrelated to your original Q, but I really like This case for the Iphone. I managed to scratch both Itouch screens within milliseconds of using them. This is a decent hard, slide on, case with a plastic screen cover that to my surprise hasn’t affected the response of the thing at all, doesn’t really make it any bulkier or obstruct any of the other controls/sockets.

How on earth did you manage to scratch the screens? I toss my caseless iPhone 3G into my pocket with my keys all the time, have dropped it multiple times, and the screen still looks the same as the day I bought it. There are scuff marks on the backside casing due to the falls (hard to see unless looking for them due to the black casing), but the screen is still in absolutely perfect condition.

This case with an extra battery might be interesting:

I’ll second the recommendation for Shure headphones.
I use a pair of Ice Gear in-ear headphones myself, because headphones and sunglasses are stuff I lose all the time (I’d use the originals because I like the mic/remote, but I lost that).

Does anybody has any experience with steering wheel remotes? Apple sells a Belkin one, but I’ve never used one before.

How on earth did you manage to scratch the screens?

Keys in pocket I guess despite my best efforts never to mix the two, they weren’t deep scratches, but they were noticeable. If it’s got a screen on it then I can scratch it, it took all of 30 seconds to put a big gouge in the blizz authenticator on my keyring.