iPhone Apps for Serious Gamer Geeks: How'm I Doing So Far?

Tabletop RPG Apps
Dicenomicon Light: Die rolling app with custom skins.
GoodReader: For rules .pdfs from DriveThruRPG.

Games and Game Apps
King of Dragon Pass
Elder Sign
TMC Game Client: For MUDs and MUSHes

Marvel Comics Client
Tapatalk for Forum Chatting

Now I’m brand new to this but, along these lines, what am I missing, oh Hivemind?

Space Miner

Replace TapaTalk with JooberTalk and your iPhone with a Blerg and you’re golden.

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This thread in our Gaming Forum.

And, playing Ascension with the other IOS addicts in this thread.


That gaming thread is pretty long and not easy to sort through but it’s a start. Okay, I’ve picked up Uniwar, Space Miner and Ascension (though I probably won’t be jumping into multiplayer for a while).

Any other critical games or non-game but geekwise apps out there?

Don’t be hesitant to ask anyone in the Ascension thread for a game as you learn the ropes, even though there are a # of games being played in the tournament, everybody would be happy to play you. Games go quickly and it’s pretty easy to learn.

Also, Dungeon Raid is an excellent game I sunk god knows how many hours into.

Okay, another essential newbie app for the serious gamer geek is TuneIn Radio. It uses GPS to figure out where you are and lets you stream in local radio over the internet. Or, pretty much, any radio station available in streaming format from anywhere in the world too. Also it plays in a background mode.

Oh, the real reason it’s for geeks is because it also handles podcasts. I’m listening to Three Moves Ahead right now. Haven’t managed to find the Qt3 Games Podcast yet. Still lookin’.

Edit: I may have spoken too soon. Seems they only have a catalog of certain podcasts and for some reason have a single isolated episode of Three Moves Ahead. Seeing if I can figure out how to set it up for other podcasts. If not, what’s the best podcast app?

Okay, Downcast for podcasts is as good as any I guess?

Here’s what I have so far:

Three Moves Ahead
Quarter To Three Game Podcast
STOked (Star Trek Online)*
A Casual Stroll To Mordor (LoTRO)*

*these are the only two MMOs I’m currently subscribed to

In particular, I’m curious about more pointy headed discussions along the lines of Three Moves Ahead and Qt3 Games.

Also a good podcast survey of what’s going on with pen-and-pencil RPGs would be nice. I see tons of them out there but my google skills are failing me and I can’t find any clear winners in terms of a consensus on quality.

Don’t use the Marvel app. Just get Comixology. It’s the same back end, but there are weird rules about Marvel in-app purchases vs/ buying from the main Comixology store.

Thanks for the tip. I’ll do just that, Chris.

Edit: And I take back the “pointy headed” bit about the Qt3 podcast. That’s actually a pretty mainstream and chatty show and I mean that in a good way. Three Moves Ahead is pointy headed and I mean that in a good way too.

Roguelike radio

Fieldrunners is a lot of fun.

for keeping score in board games.

I’ll check those out, thanks!

Found a good tabletop RPG podcast: Fear The Boot. DM/GMs talking about how they do what they do along with other random topics thrown in. Hosts have good radio presence too.