iPhone - Do Not Disturb (phone calls only?)



I’m getting more and more unknown/robocalls every week and I like to leave my DND on. I of course have it set to allow calls from contacts, so that’s not a problem. But it bothers me I also don’t get text message alerts, or email alerts, and instead have to remember to check my phone through the day in case one of the kids texted me or something.

Is there an app or some way to prevent ONLY unknown callers and not the other notifications?


I’m using something called Trucaller, which a friend told me about. It spies on all my phone calls (and SMS if I set it too), and supposedly prevents a lot of robot calls.
I haven’t had any, so I am guessing either it’s super effective, either nobody tries to spam me.
You have to be okay with the fact it potentially collects data on all your phone calls or messages though. I have allowed it to access my phone calls, but not my messages.


You can set up your contacts to allow texting/email notifications to bypass DND.

Texting: select contact, Edit, select “Text tone”, turn on “Emergency Bypass”.

Email: set the email address as a “VIP”, then set up a custom alert for VIP’s.

A robocall blocker app might be less work to set up. :)


Some of the phone apps actually suck in all the phone numbers in your contacts. That makes a big database of what should be real phone numbers. I feel uncomfortable signing up with such an app since the people on my contact list are not giving permision to be in the database.


Thanks for the suggestions!

@Gordon_Bleu I’m actually really happy with the idea of putting close family contacts (like the wife and kids) on Emergency Tone, just tested it and that works great. I will just (and for the best, really) check my email after work a lot less often is all. Perfect.