Iphone from eBay?

Ok, so you may have noticed that I don’t live in the states anymore. I do go back to visit the family every year or so. I have been hungering for a smartphone for a long time and now that the iphone and android phones are coming out that can do the kind of smart-phoney things that I’d like, I’m going to get one.

The iPhones in the Czech republic, like much of europe are unlocked (I think it’s illegal for them to be locked to a specific carrier… or at least all of the carriers have them here), but they’re really much more expensive than they are in the states… I’m not comparing the price on an AT&T contract versus a contract here. An iPhone 3gs 32gb on “contract” at my current plan rate would be about 15,000 CZK, which is about $800. I’m not sure exactly how much they would be on ebay, but I seem to recall that they are less expensive (I guess that would be unlocked phones without the att contract).

I have never bought anything on ebay, so I’m a little bit wary of exactly how it works and how not to get screwed. What do you guys think? Should I just suck it up and get the phone here (in Prague)? It will be february until I get to the states to pick up any kind of phone anyway…

Any suggestions would be helpful!