iPhone Goes to 11 - Apple Event 9/10/19 Discussion

Three new models of iPhone basically confirmed:

  1. iPhone 11 (replaces iPhone XR)
  2. iPhone 11 Pro (replaces iPhone XS)
  3. iPhone 11 Pro Max (replaces iPhone XS Max)

I don’t love the Pro moniker, especially since USB Type C is rumored to be out, but apparently pencil support is in. Plus some new camera stuff I’m sure.

We’ll hear more about iOS 13, MacOS, and Apple TV+ for sure.

On the bubble is news about new Apple Watches.

Unlikely to get news on new iPads or Macs…


Looks like most of this was right on, but we got a new baseline iPad instead of something about a new Apple TV.

Looks at iPhone 7 Plus.

Looks into the future at $1,200 price tag.

Shrugs, keeps iPhone 7 Plus.

Once carriers got rid of the two year subsidized model at the same time as they increased prices, the desire to upgrade really ended. I do think the plus is a bit too big though, but not $1000 too big. I mean even refurb iPhone 7s are still +$500 at Apple. Meh.

Of all current tech phones just seem dead ended right now. They can’t really come up with something usefully new. Honestly a swiss army knife phone - something with scanner, laser pointer, tdm, GIS mapping, GPS mapping, holographic presentation, wall projector, card reader. just… something to make phones more useful, not just for consuming yet more content.

No USB-C? No sale. That’s how that works for me from now on. I hope the rumors are wrong, and that the Pro moniker means they came to their senses for at least some models. Otherwise I guess I’ll be saving a little money this year.

Logitech’s otherwise really interesting new wireless gaming keyboard hits the same roadblock; late summer of 2019 and they’re still supplying micro-usb devices. Nuts.

I think we’re also going to see Apple’s Tile-equivalent location tracking tags announced. There’s been hints of it found in the OS, and it seems like the right time to make an announcement. I will certainly buy at least one, for my laptop bag, so I hope it’s not insanely overpriced but just regularly overpriced.

I really hope the Series 5 watch (if announced) allows more third party Bluetooth and NFC use if they’re going to allow independent watch apps.

I have nothing at home that requires USB-C, so I am in no way miffed. I don’t really see a use case except maybe an external HDD.


I guess fast(er) charging is useful as well.

I am just looking forward to more services stuff!

I will be looking forward to getting a non Max phone. I tried it, they’re too big for me.

Marco Arment is saying he hasn’t seen any new iPad models showing up in the Overcast server logs, unlike the watch and Phone, so sounds like we’re waiting on those.

Supposedly a new AppleTV as well, using an A12 chip, but I don’t know what new they could add to the latest version to make it worth an upgrade cycle. It’s not like the current AppleTV 4K model is lagging, with its A10X chip.

My guess is they are upgrading it for gaming. Arcade Plus games are playable on the TV, so it could use the boost. Maybe they also finally realized it needs to come with a controller if they want people to play games on it. Oh, and a real remote. I doubt it, but maybe.

I’m not particularly price-sensitive, but I already have an XS Max, and I don’t see what they could add to get me to upgrade. I got the X for the new design and I got the XS Max because I prefer that size. What could they add to the 11 Pro Max to get me? I really can’t think of anything.

Apple TV isn’t an option for me because it doesn’t run Kodi. I could just run MrMC, but I like the hackability and openness of my ShieldTVs.

A good remote would do it for me.

This. This. THIS.

From your lips to God’s ears, Wholly.

Yeah they need to fix that piece of garbage. But I would just use my harmony anyway.

But really what Apple needs is a (much) lower-cost device, not an even faster $170 one. Amazon and Roku come in at $35.

Yeah but they look and feel like $35 – last time I looked, anyway. Meaning crappy, jerky UI, etc. I have no tolerance for that, despite the shitty remote on the AppleTV.

It’s been a few years, though… I suppose they’re probably better by now.

Not really true anymore. Not to say that the $150+ devices aren’t smoother, but the $35 ones are completely usable these days.

I recently gave my mom a Roku Express and was impressed with the snappiness of the UI. But if she uses it too long, it overheats and shuts down, which severely downgraded my opinion of that product.

Must be defective. I’d return it.

Wirecutter recommends the streaming stick+ or premiere+, both of which are $50. So a little bit more money but nothing compared to what Apple charges.

Some kind of useful new co-processor, the usual A chip boost and a big jump in optical zoom might do it for me if I can get a good enough price for my XS, but a) that’s unlikely, b) I don’t want to give up force touch, c) I’d rather upgrade my watch if the new one is good enough, and that’s way more likely since that tech is relatively immature.

I am going to hold on to my 8+ for a while. At least 1-2 more years.

At this point there are only a couple things that would get me excited about a new iPhone:

  1. USB C. I don’t actually tether my phone to anything very much these days, but switching to USB C would allow me to get rid of all my Lightning cables. One less thing, am I right?
  2. In-screen fingerprint unlocking. I am not a huge fan of FaceID. I find it slower and less reliable than the good ole finger reader in older iPhones and iPads. I’d love to get back to that and get rid of the notch.

That’s pretty much it. I’m sure Apple will think of something, but I can’t think of some big new technology that I want in a phone now. I don’t really care about camera improvements, or something like 3D scanning.