iPhone launch - Wii all over again?

Since there’s to be no pre-ordering what do you think the chances are of being able to walk into a Cingular or Apple store on the 29th and pick up an iPhone?

I’m guessing extremely slim to none…


Sorry, had to do it.

I was thinking of the iPhone launch being more like the PS3 launch, and for the same reasons.

I don’t get the drool factor over a $600 phone, and I’m the guy typing this on a Mac.

It’s an executive toy.

Without executive functions :).

If I’ve learnt anything about Macs, it’s don’t buy first gen hardware.
This is actually the only thing saving me from going after that new Macbook Pro

That said: yeah, you’re not going to be able to buy one of them for a few months after launch

The way I see it, a three year contract will buffer off a lot of the price. That being said, I’ll have to find an iPhone carrier in canada, which probably won’t happen for a long time.

edit: yay google. Rogers Wireless will be the exclusive provider. I’ve been hoping to switch to them anyway. Win-win!

The thing that really drives me away from the iPhone, aside from it’s insane price (which may seem less shocking once you hold the thing in person) is durability. I’ve had two PDAs, and those things get trashed after a couple of years by scratches.

The iPhone looks like a glamour toy you’ll spend more time pampering and keeping clean than using. Who knows, i might be suprised, but i’m expecting to be mildly impressed but driven off by it’s impracticabilty.

I am typing this on a 1st gen flat panel iMac…and it now has its 3rd mobo (all replaced by Apple).

I second the “do NOT buy 1st gen Apple hardware”.

I don’t expect it to be that hard to find. Maybe for the first week or so, but after that? I suspect the market for a $600 phone is about as big as the market for a $600 game console.

What Ben said. The first week or two it will be impossible to find as all the drooling Mac fanboys rush out to buy one. After that sales will probably flatline.

Rimbo, Ben, etc beat me to it, but this will be a lot more like the PS3 launch than the Wii launch, which is to say it probably will be a bit hard to find one in the first couple of weeks but after the really insane hardcore Apple fanboys are done, you’ll find stacks of them everywhere.

$600 is way too much for a phone, period. Apple will not sell anywhere near the 10 million of these they are forecasting for the first year.

This is definitely true. The ipods are made by the world’s most scratchable materials. Hopefully they go with something more like what the PSP is made out of. That fucking thing never gets scratched. Meanwhile if you breath on an ipod it looks like it has existed since WW2.

Capacitors. Right? That incident was not unique to Apple. Just a bad time to buy any of several brands that were hit with it. Dealing with it poorly, though – definitely unique to Apple, as it relates significantly to size; I wouldn’t be surprised if they’re still going through the same bin of replacement parts they stocked up on during initial manufacture – many possessing the same eventual point of failure. But at least they’re still extending warranty support on them in these cases (are they?)

I am just baffeld that cell phones cost as much as they do anyways. I mean what the fuck with out the contract the thing is like what 700 bucks? You can get a fuckin laptop for that much. Seriously…

You’d have to have your head completely up your ass to draw a PS3 comparison here. Aside from the coincidentally identical price point, of course. What do you get for your money in each case? What is the buzz like? What can you do with it after your purchase? What problem is it solving? How much are people just going to want one, especially once they see it in person? How good are the existing alternatives?

None of that compares.

They did yeah- the last one was a freebie. It is still not 100% right but I can deal with it. We purchsed 6 of them- 2 are on their third and the other 4 are on a second one.

You know, if an iPhone played blu-ray, it might be worth 600 dollars…

I thought the $600 figure was WITH a long contract, and they’d be grey market only, for like 1200 without one.

oh dear :)

[2001]Yeah, who the hell would spend $350 for a music player? I mean, I can get a portable CD player for $75 bucks. This ipod thing is doomed.[/2001]