iPhone or iPod Touch?

Okay, the money has been spent. No use crying over every mistake, here, people. We just keep on trying till we run out of cake…

Anyway, which would you choose?

iPhone for $399.
Pros - It’s a phone, and a camera, and a small 8GB ipod.
Cons - It’s $150 to break my existing contract and switch over; EDGE is painfully slow

iPod Touch for $399
Pros - 16GB of storage means you can put a fair amount of content on it; no contract
Cons - Apple crippled the applications you can run on it, but that can be hacked. Wifi-only.

I love my iPhone but you know as well as I do that with in a few months we’ll end up seeing a revision to it.

Being said I use it more then I ever thought I would. Also the edge isnt really that bad but it can get pretty slow sometimes.

I have the iPhone.

And what Marcus said - EDGE isn’t nearly as bad as people make it out to be. It’s not 3G fast, but pretty much none of the 3G phones I’ve seen have a workable browser so EDGE wins by default. I know browsing the web on my Samsung Blackjack was a miserable experience.

The browser on the iPhone is amazing. Its 100x better then any other I’ve used on a phone.

The touch has been hacked? Details?

Just google ipod touch and jailbreak. But there’s a way of transferring all of the iphone apps that Apple left off of the ipod touch (like mail, chat, google maps, notes, etc) onto the device. Even the calendar gets fixed so it’s no longer read-only. A 13-year old came up with the hack, too.

It’s not quite one click yet: http://www.myitablet.com/ijailbreak-151629.php

It certainly is better due to the multi-touch input as well, because zooming in/out of pages is a lot easier on the iPhone than say the Opera Mini 4 browser.

Not only has it been hacked, but there are some GUI tools out there already. Apparently they aren’t completely idiot proof, but this idiot (me) figured it out.

I picked up the touch over the iPhone because I’m still under contract, and breaking that contract would be $175 or $200 or something. I figure if I like the Touch enough, I’ll probably get an iPhone when my contract is up next year.

Out of the coner of my eye, I read this thread title as “iPhone or bad teeth.”

I don’t really have anything else to add.

Carry on.

iPhone, hands down. I don’t get the appeal of the Touch–the UI is, IMO, a step backwards from the other iPods, it has less space than the similarly-sized Classic, and it’s far bulkier than a Nano.

Nice. WtG Qt3! I am going to iLiberate my Touch later on tonight.

If you commute on public transpo, then the EDGE connection is more than decent enough for basic info, such as QT3, Google Maps, text email.

Although I love the bigger screen, I’d give the UI nod as a media player to the classic. The iPhone/Touch interface sucks for navigating long-ish audio tracks.

Also, Jobs finally announced that a true SDK will be available in February, allowing legit 3rd party apps on both devices next year, so no more need to jailbreak/hax0r. At least not if you plan to use ATT.

What is this EDGE connection? I find the wirless on my Touch to be pretty unreliable, even if I’m at home (where I know the wireless signal is strong and not being used heavily). I can hardly watch a long YouTube, which is a pity because my kids love some of them.

I do agree that trying to navigate a video/TV show is very hard. I didn’t notice until I started to transfer some TV shows from my Tivo and wanted to ff through the commercials. It requries a lot more percision than I can achieve with the screen.

It’s nice for pictures and catching up on Tivo. With the unlock, I bet the calendar comes in handy.

Edge is AT&T’s slow data network. It’s only available on cell phones, or in this case the iPhone. It’s not on the iPod Touch.

Edge is about as fast as an old dial-up modem, which is painful since a lot of web sites are designed with broadband speeds in mind. Wifi will smoke it, which is why all the commercials for the iPhone show the wifi connection in use.

I remember reading something about Steve Jobs even complaining about how slow Edge is.

Its nice in a pinch, but I’ll be damned if I have to use it regularly.

Edge is faster than an old dial up modem.

It’s definitely not wi-fi fast, or 3G fast, but I’d guess that most of the people who say it’s unbearably slow probably haven’t ever actually used it.

When David Pogue of the NYT, the biggest Apple sycophant on the planet (did you see his video musical to the freakin’ phone?), complains that it takes two minutes to load the Yahoo front page on EDGE, then yes, THAT IS SLOW.

Yeah, it is pretty slow, bordering on unbearable. Its nice to have as a fallback, but I couldn’t use it regularly.