iPhone password managers

My wife is looking for a password manager on her phone that will also sync with her PC (so that she’s still got the list if she loses her phone). There are a couple out there, but I don’t know enough about them to recommend one or the other to her.

Any of you have experience with iPhone password managers?

I use 1Password Pro.

I recently started using Lastpass and it works quite well.

1Password Pro, then dropbox to sync between windows, mac, and iOS. It all works quite well if a bit pricey since you have to buy each version separately. Dropbox support is built right into all the apps.

LastPass iphone app requires a premium subscription.

I’ve been using KeePass with Dropbox on my Droid, works great and free. It should be free for the iPhone as well.

nope. it’s not. 2 ios ports, one not updated since 2010, the other removed since there’s no ios4 support.

I use Roboform, and have been for years. They finally have a stable Chrome build out that I am happy with and the iPhone client works well. The last time I used LastPass it just sucked for form filling compared to Roboform, not sure if much has changed in the past 6 months.

Two thumbs up for 1Password.

STRIP (secure tool for remembering important passwords) has worked great for me. There’s a free version that lets you store up to 10 passwords if you want to give it a try and compare it to 1Password. It’s been so long since I made the purchase that I can’t remember why I chose it over 1Password.

I’m also using STRIP. Works well enough for me.

My one and only complaint about STRIP is how it handles really long entries. I have some really long usernames stored in it, and unless I open the entry up in edit mode I can’t see the entire string.

Other than that it’s great, and I love how customizable it is.