iPhone speaker docks

Anyone have opinions on speaker/alarm clock docks? I’m just looking for something that will do better audio than what the phone can do on its own, and will also charge the phone. I don’t want to spend a lot. I don’t even really need the clock.

Related question: Anyone know if there’s a reliable extra-long iPhone charge/sync cord? There is a five foot one on Amazon, but the reviews say it’s shoddy.

For the extra long sync cord, I just went to monoprice and got a $1.50 USB to USB cable. Works great and is a lot less expensive!

After reading a few reviews I picked up a GoGroove MOVE for my daughter’s Nano. Pretty barebones, covers what you’re looking for. I will be in the market for something like it myself in the next few months but haven’t had a chance to play around with hers yet because she’s been keeping it at her mom’s house. She says she’s happy with it and I even spotted her mom using it with a different player at one point.

I don’t know if this is still an issue, but make sure you don’t get an older dock that uses Firewire for the charging method. The first iPhone supported it, but the newer ones don’t.

My kid’s still content with her GoGroove, and I’m looking at the iMainGo X after reading through blog comments and Amazon reviews of the older model. (This is for me, because apparently I’m too lazy to mod my Chumby.)

These things are way too expensive, though. Even the good ones ought to be under $50.

the jpl soundstage 3 one is on sale in canada, or was, for 79.99. i liked that one when i had it.
as for docks in general, you need to look for ‘made for iphone’ ones or else the standard ipod ones may:

  1. not charge properly
  2. transmit gsm interference

er, jbl.

As far as I can tell the iMainGo X (hate the name) was practically designed around the iPhone/iPod Touch. No idea about charging, only reviews will tell, but I do wish it took AA or AAA because I have a surplus of Eneloops.