iPhone Tethering

How many of you have been using this? I recently tried it out over bluetooth and was surprised how well it worked (even more surprised how easy it was to get working on the phone). As far as I can tell ATT can’t detect who is tethering unless you use a lot of bandwith is that correct so far? I did some searching and it doesn’t look like anyone who was doing has gotten hit with a huge bill so how are you guys doing with it?

I used it once (USB) in NYC when the hotel wanted to charge a bunch for their local wifi. Worked great. I wouldn’t use it excessively but I don’t think AT&T will do anything about it unless you’re d/ling torrents 24/7 or until they get their official tethering solution up and running. 3.1 supposedly removes this public option.

Worked fine for me, but I used pdanet, not the built-in tethering.

I’m using it right now. It’s pretty awesome. But then again, Rogers in Canada fully supports it, so no worries, it just goes under my data plan.

Yeah I’ve been playing with it for a while and it works very well with my netbook. It is nice being able to take this thing and not have to worry about a wifi connection.

Stupid question… but how do you do it?

I keep finding “hidden” features because I have no manual. One day I realized that I hadn’t tried Voice Control… took me a bit to locate, but I found it worked pretty nifty if I put on a bad YS accent and mispronounce everybody’s name…
Where’s tethering accessed from?

Settings, General, Network, Internet Tethering --> then flick the switch to On and it will prompt you to tether either via Bluetooth or USB. If you want Bluetooth tethering and the Bluetooth radio is off, it’ll take you to the place to turn it on.

The interface is quite nice, it adds a pleasantly blue bar across the top of the screen which indicates tethering is active when it’s running, so you won’t forget about it.

to those not in canada, here is how you do it:


soooo simple