iPhone wallpaper thread

There’s a bunch of new iPhone wallpapers showing up online, so let’s share any cool ones we find here. I’ll get the ball rolling.

I vote we turn this into the all-purpose “neat iPhone stuff” thread.

Nice cover-art tool for when iTunes just can’t make the magic happen (and it’s free): http://nclasssoftware.com/corripio

Coop’s iPhone wallpaper gallery (many images NSFW): http://www.flickr.com/photos/coop666/sets/72157600628838130/

here are a few I made from some photos i took a while ago

Edit: i have no idea how to make those images show up inline…

In the reply box, you click the little “Insert Image” button, and paste your link to the photo in the resulting pop-up dialogue.

First iPhone software update is up: http://docs.info.apple.com/article.html?artnum=306173

Doesn’t seem to add any new features. I lose the bet I made with myself!

I suspect this is just the security patch they wanted to get out the door before Black Hat conference attendees trotted out major exploits on the big stage.


Lots of neat backdrops here, ‘games’ folder is dominated with Halo 3 backgrounds, but all are based on official art and look great.

Oh and thanks for the Pikmin wallpaper, I’m using it currently. :)