iPhone wireless earbuds?


I want to buy a pair of wireless bluetooth earbuds for my iPhone. Hoping some people here have recommendations (and sets to stay away from!)

My criteria:

  1. Battery life. I travel a lot including international flights and I really want long battery life.
  2. Comfort. I just do not like the feel of Apple’s earbuds in my ear - they hurt my ears and don’t fit well.
  3. I would very much prefer to avoid the wireless sets that have the hard plastic “necklace” that sits on your neck.
  4. Sound quality: doesn’t have to be studio headset quality but also don’t want them to sound like crap.
  5. Price - I’d prefer to not go too far over $100 - less is better of course, but if they are really good quality and last a long time I’ll pay up to around $100.



I would swear there was another topic on this out there already. Maybe search for “airpods” because people proposed alternatives to those that resisted the Apple Default ™


I’ve tried many different pairs of bluetooth ear buds in the $20-50 price range and the ones I currently use are the best I’ve used by far:


I can’t believe they’re only $21 now. I paid $33 for them a few months ago and at the time they were significantly discounted down from $40 or $50.

I have really nice headphones for home so I do have some taste for good sound quality, and these sound great especially for the price. They’re the best-sounding ear buds in the sub-$100 price range I’ve ever used, wired or wireless.

They also have much better battery life than any of the other Bluetooth ear buds I’ve tried, easily lasting the 10+ hours they advertise on a single charge.


I have and really like the Beats X headphones. I paid $80 with a $30 iTunes giftcard, but they’re regularly on sale for $90 without the giftcard.

They stay in my ears unlike apple’s earbuds, the necklace isn’t hard, and the battery lasts around 8 hours. Also they have the Apple bluetooth chip so they pair really nicely with Apple devices. I’m no audiophile but they sound fine.

I really like the form factor. You can pop one ear out and not lose it, and if you take them both out they stick together magnetically as a necklace. There’s zero anxiety about losing your headphones. And if you tuck them into your shirt it isn’t obvious you have a headphone necklace, either.

The wirecutter’s top 2 recommendations do have harder necklaces. Beats X is their third due to the apple tax.


How do you recharge these things? Do you plug them in somewhere? Thinking of getting some for my Moto E4 if possible.


The BeatsX have a lightning port and come with a USB-A to lightning cable. Other models are micro-USB or USB-C.


BeatsX is what I recommend after buying 6 pairs of different brands.


The ones I linked to just use an ordinary micro-USB cable.


I’ve got the QY7 headphones and they’ve served me very well so I would probably upgrade to these ones if I had to.


I mainly listen to podcasts so I couldn’t say how great they are sound quality-wise.


I ended up getting the BeatsX and pretty happy with them for battery life etc. One question though: I seem to recall people talking about some really good replacement foam ear inserts but can’t find the post. Anyone know of some really nice replacement ear inserts?


A few of us have mentioned the Comply foam ear tips. They’re pretty great.


That’s it! Thanks.


I use the basic priced (5$ in a given size) Sony replacement buds. I found they to be really pleasant in the ear, and also to enhance the sound big time compared to the flimsy stuff bundled with most hearsets.


I used these XS Comply ones but they broke apart too easily: Comply Premium Replacement Foam Earphone Earbud Tips - Isolation T-400 (Platinum, 3 Pairs, Small) https://www.amazon.ca/dp/B004FRH20U/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apip_KQfFdpVqFFQtI

So I got these cheaper one more akin to the ones that came with the BeatsX: ALXCD Ear Tips for Powerbeats 2 3 Wireless Headphone, SML 3 Sizes 12 Pair Silicone Replacement Earbud Tips, Fit for Beats Powerbeats2 Wireless Pb3 [12 https://www.amazon.ca/dp/B075J9PXBN/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apip_54zvi1Dh97kBh


I have these and they’re amazing


I am using JBL’s bluetooth T110 for my walks. For 30 bucks, they got an incredible sound quality (better than most non BT earbuds that are twice as expensive that I tried). The catch is their battery life is quite low (around 6 hours is my guess?), and you can’t listen with them while they are charging through the micro-usb. Also, looking around, it seems that they are only available in a few countries.


So my endless search for ways to spend more money continues. ;). I purchased the BeatsX wireless buds for my iPhone and I’m mostly happy with them. Battery life is good and the ease of automatic connection with the phone is nice.

But now I think I’d really like Bluetooth wireless earbuds that are completely wireless. There are times when the wire hanging on the back of my neck or upper chest bugs me. Example, I lie down and meditate every day I can, using guided meditations on an app from JKZ, and that wire just bugs me. This isn’t a huge deal, first world problems etc.

I see reviews of some good options but one thing that seems to be a problem with truly wireless earbuds seems to be sync with video. While my primary use would be audio I’d like to also use them on long flights to watch movies on my iPad or laptop.

Anyone have experience with truly wireless earbuds?


Sounds like AirPods would fill your needs, except for the long flights. I don’t like using ear buds on flights, they don’t block out enough ambient noise.


I’m happy with my BeatsX. The drop in battery life in the AirPods don’t make them an attractive proposition for me.


I agree that I strongly prefer the BeatsX myself, but he wants true wireless, ie no wires at all. For an iPhone, Wirecutter says go with Airpods.