iPod case suggestions

So I just picked up a new 30g iPod video to replace my ailing 3 year old touchwheel ipod. Now, that one looks like it’s been through WW2, and honestly, it pretty much has, surviving everything from being dropped on a cement sidewalk to physically crushed against a pool table when it was in my pocket (in that case, the plastic front was pushed in to the metal back and it wouldn’t turn on till I managed to pop it out).

But I’d like to keep this one looking at least semi-decent, so I’ve been looking for some kind of thin and unobtrusive case that will protect it without turning it in to a giant monstrosity.

Essentially what I want is like the slip that came with the ipod, except with a window for the screen and clickwheel. I want something thin, unobtrusive, with no protrusions (like belt clips and shit).

Anyone have any recommendations? Everything I’ve seen in stores is either bulky, crappy, or has a belt clip.

Personally, I really like the cases from Vaja Cases. However they can be very expensive.


I agree about the Vaja cases.

I prefer a hard case for my iPod. I tried softcases, but I ended up trying a hard case and sticking with it. It’s bulkier but the level of protection is better for what I do when I use my iPod.

Those are pretty nice. A tad expensive, but not so much more than what they sell the crap that’s in stores for. The non-total crap ones in stores go for about 50 CDN, and that one would cost me all of 80.

However, I was hoping to get something a little sooner, since those claim to take 30 days to make. So while I’ll keep this one in mind, any other suggestions people have would be good as well.

I have a Sena Case for my iPaq, and I love it. High quality leather, it looks great, and can dock without being removed from the case.

I don’t have an ipod, but if I did, I’d probably buy a Sena Case for it.

I use a zcover. It is awesomeness.

Related question: My wife has a 20GB iPod with an iSkin on it, and she’d like an at-home speaker set for it (deosn’t need to be portable). So, (a) what’s a good speaker set for at or below $300, (b) any thoughts on how to dock the iPod without taking the skin off every time? Do they make a little extension-type cord, or are there any speaker sets that have enough space to keep the skin on?

Don’t those have beltclips though? I toss my ipod in my jacket pocket, I don’t want a clip gettign in the way.

Not if you don’t want it. You flick a little lock slider out of the way, and you can remove both the beltclip and the beltclip holder completely. It just leaves two tiny holes in the back.

However, the cover itself is about 2 or 3 millimeters thick. Which is great for protection, but is much thicker than the paper-thin ipod slip cover that ships with it.

edit: Hmm. the marketing blurb says its only 1 millimeter thick. I guess it just looks thicker to me.

Okay, well maybe I’ll grab one of those. If I don’t like it, I may splurge for one of those custom leather dealies.

Just be aware that when you get a zcover, your first thought will be “how the heck will my ipod fit in this?”

Then you realize that it is SUPER stretchy like silly putty. You don’t have to treat it like a fragile piece of rubber that’s going to snap apart any second. I guess the stretchiness is a propery of silicone rubber, but I was unprepared at just how elastic it really is.

Check out www.theinvisibleshield.com

That’s what I got for my 30gb ipod, and it works great.

I’d have gotten the invisibleshield if I weren’t so clumsy. I knock stuff over a lot, and the silicone rubber helps absorb some of the physical shock. I need more than just complete scratch protection.

Another vote for zCover, I love mine.

I have a black leather MCA case for my PSP, that I picked up at CES. Wellcrafted and solid - they also do some nifty looking iPod stuff.

I have no idea if there’s an English language site, but one would think so with that url.

I have this for my 30gb and love it. People often ask about it too.


Does that belt clip rotate or do you have to have the iPod on its side when it’s attached to your belt?

Just an odd question-- that last website had different cases for the 30 and 60 gig ipods. Are they different sizes?

Is this just a status thing where you get to order the 60GB ipod case because you have a bigger ipod?

(Says the owner of a lowly 4GB ipod mini which holds all the CDs I own, which means that I don’t listen to a lot of music, I guess.)

I’ve got a stupid Sumo case that I can’t use when the iPod is in it.

On previous iPod models, the larger versions were fatter.