Ipod default charger

When you get an Ipod, Apple includes a little white plastic part that seems to be some sort of charging stand. Have any of you seen this? I can’t figure this out. I toyed with it when my wife got her Ipod last year and then just threw it out because I couldn’t figure out how to use it. I just got my Ipod and see there is another of these little white plastic parts, along with a clear plastic clip.

WTF do you do with these parts? Like the rubicks cube, I can’t figure it out! Is there a walkthrough on the web? :)

The big base with the plug in on the back is a charger. The smaller pieces mold the charger base to match your ipod model. They are also used in several ipod accessories where you plug your ipod in there as well, again so that it matches the “slot” correctly based on your model.

Okay, so it sounds like I shouldn’t throw it out. But how the heck do I attach it? Very confusing.

I have these two plastic pieces, the Ipod, and the charging cord, but it’s not clear how all of these parts go together.

The plastic pieces are adapters for the iPod Universal Dock. The dock is usable by any iPod, and the adapter makes it fit the bottom of your model so it sits in the dock correctly. (Dock costs around $30).

Ah, got it. You have to buy another part and these parts allow you to attach your particular Ipod. You’d think they’d tell you that shit somewhere. No problem, Apple. I’ll just get my support from Qt3!

Yeah, the Dock is pretty useless, unless for some reason you can’t keep track of where your iPod is plugged into a USB port.

There’s a manual for the Touch on apple.com, Tim. You should really have some respect for those hard-working tech writers…

The Dock is useless because you have to take the i* out of the case to put it in.