iPod equalizer settings

Is there any way to tell what equalizer settings are “on” on your iPod? My kids will sometimes use my iPod, and I know I can just hit the Off on the equalizer and then reset it if needed, but it would be nice and elegant (and isn’t that what iPod’s supposed to be about?) if you could look and see what the current settings were. Also, is there a “real” equalizer hidden somewhere on the iPod rather than the presets? And lastly, can you have more than one setting in effect at once?


There’s no traditional eq on the iPod, but you can create EQ settings in iTunes and they will automatically be saved to your iPod. You can also assign EQ settings per song in iTunes, and I’m almost positive they carry over to the iPod.

I can’t find any way, Jeff. I have some audiobooks which, for some reason, play with alot more bass in the reader’s voice than the rest. Whenever one of them pops up I kick it to “reduced bass mode”. But no way to see what it has currently that I can find (30Gb iPod Photo).